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23 April 2015

w.i.w.t | when sunny yellow does not equal warm

a couple of weeks ago i talked about how scared i was of wearing yellow. i don't really like trying new colours - at all - i have my signature colours and i tend to stick to them. but when i was out shopping last weekend, and i stumbled across and bought the dress of my dreams - even thought it was red (*gasp*) - my mind was suddenly opened to the idea of ~change being a novel idea in these here trying times. after my success in red, i figured the world of colour was mine for the taking!

and then, there in the sale rack at primark, there was this number. white is not a colour for me. i'm pretty white anyway, it washes me out something chronic. but with the bright yellow and black geo floral print across the body, i thought i'd take a chance and try it on anyway. if the stretch fabric and seamless fit-and flare style weren't enough, the invisible pockets basically had me handing over the cash at that point, and then i discovered it was on bloody sale and marked down to a fiver - my excellent shopping luck continued!

[side note: let's pause for a moment to honour the memory of my favourite boots that sadly broke a couple of weeks ago, and despite asos offering to replace them, were out of stock so could not. in their place i opted for the patent version over the (now sold out) suedette ones, and i think... i love them just as much! and i really think they will last a lot longer (only had the suede ones a month!), because of how much more sturdier the fabric is this time round. rejoice!]

dress + bag (old) : primark | boots*: asos

i think the thing about wearing white (in my head) is that i can't wear tights with it because it's bound to be see through, right? not the case with this dress. the thick poly fabric and fact the pockets are lined and therefore plump the skirt out a bit, means tights is totally fine. and necessary because man alive it was freezing on saturday night. it might have been lovely and sunny right through the day, but as soon as the sun dipped and the wind continued, it was not warm.

and i went out that night without a jacket. hoping the 3/4 sleeves would keep me warm (they didn't), i left the jacket indoors, expecting to only be out briefly between tube stops and hovels (bars). as it turns out, i didn't even make it out out. we stayed in in, drinking champagne, eating boursin on posh crackers and snacking on fresh berries. what a bunch of wankers we are, eh?

wankers who play "arms" (listen to "with arms wide open" and drink everytime he says "arms" - pretty straightforward, no?) with champagne, no less.

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