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9 April 2015

introducing | the cheekyboo emporium

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every now and then i come across a shop in another bloggers' sidebar that takes a little piece of my heart the minute i click through to the site; the most recent brand responsible for the continued degradation of my black heart is none other than suffolk-based rebecca's darling little e-boutique, cheekyboo emporium.

although the store is still in its early days, rebecca says that cheekyboo emporium is slowly starting to build up a core group of indie designer makers, and has even started to have more and more interest from designers wanting her to stock their pieces - i guess the hardest part for her is deciding which pieces to stock and which to save for another time!

a couple of my favourite pieces are above - and yes, they feature... cats. these particular pins are by miss ella, a norwich designer who i met at last year's renegade craft fair, and designer of some of the most adorrrrable retro lady cat pins! i'd bought a couple for friends for christmas, and when i saw that rebecca stocked a couple of the pieces too, well - i was a very happy kitty! 

honourable mentions outside of those above are this perfect floral notebook, the adorrrrable panda tote, and kitschy bird dishes that i can definitely see fitting in perfectly on my dressing table, and everything else, within the organised chaos that is my life. don't you agree? 

you can also follow the shop on twitter, so you'll be first in the know as soon as new products or designers are added to the collection. hop to!

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