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6 April 2015

snapshots | charlestown, cornwall

after four hours on the train and a short drive from the st. austell train station, we had made it to charlestown - a small seaside town on cornwall's east coast. we dropped our bags in the cottage, and set off to explore our home for the long weekend; the skies were grey overhead, but we'd so far avoided the rain, only to be met with some heavy winds instead. bloody typical; the second 'sunny holiday' of the season, and as yet... no sun.

we wandered down to the harbour just so we could get to grips with the layout of the town, and on our way down we noted a couple of restaurants we'd likely visit during our stay; pastel cottages and colourful boats decorated the small town, and within our first afternoon, we were already in love.

and that was even before the introduction to our own sweet accommodation for the weekend; daisy cottage in the heart of the town, fully equipped with a log fireplace, mismatched and vintage decor, and the newest member of our crew, rudy the cat (we all know i'm not a cat girl, but given the chance, you'd totally selfie with that arrogant asshole too).

we ventured to the supermarket and stocked up on supplies for the weekend; fruity wine, cheese and crackers, and plenty of crisps, our afternoon was spent getting to know each other a bit more, playing with the cat, and beginning the relaxing weekend. when we ventured out for real food, it was across the road to the local pub, for a seafood supper. the phrase "start as you mean to go on" could not have been more apt, on that first day in cornwall.

oh, i do like to be beside the seaside. oh, i do like to be beside the sea.

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