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15 April 2015

wishlist | summer holidaze

metallic sandals | maxi skirt | swimsuit | sunnies | straw hat | crop top | silver bag | maxi dress | denim jacket

i made the fatal error of going shopping for actual important things like new underwear and also new tights on the weekend, while on a super tight and self-imposed budget. knowing that i have a wardrobe full of things that no longer fit is always in the back of my mind, but i have been trying to update it slowly and over time so as to not go broke. i have been avoiding 'shopping' for the last few months while the seasons transition, as i'd rather update for particular seasons than 'just because', but... being in a shopping centre full of new and seasonal and summery clothes was just my literal hell.

i have a wedding to attend in the summer and also an actual summer holiday that will require actual summer clothes. and i know both of these things are a couple of months away, but seeing all the lovely new sandals on the shelves and all the pretty maxi dresses floating (pun) around... i was so torn. i wanted to just do away with my budget and buy it all!

thankfully my better senses kicked in and i was able to tear myself away from the shops, but not the idea of wanting to buy it all. funnily enough, when i got home and online, i couldn't find any of the things i wanted (i blame and thank primark in equal measure for not having an online shop) to buy anymore. in-store specials? highly unlikely. so new they're not online yet? possible. had i imagined my lust for all the summery pieces i'd seen? probable.

come payday though, i will be heading back to primark and buying at least ten pairs of sandals that will break within the first few wears, and probably pick up a sunny yellow dress or two because - i've never thought yellow was for me, and that it made me look ill, but... i tried a couple of dresses on in a bright yellow, and they totally worked. this is the start of something wonderful!

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