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30 May 2015

holiday capsule

hey guess what? i hate the summer. yep, that's right, i am an australian human who does not enjoy the sunshine. i mean, it feels nice on the skin, and it's warming and it makes everything look nicer, which is all well and great, but there are so many awful things about the summer that makes me dislike it as a season immensely. for example, i don't like being sweaty; i don't like being unable to sleep at night; i don't like not being able to wear tights; i ~particularly don't like being able to wear layers. but the biggest thing i hate about summer is the need to bare skin. 

i'm not very confident in my own skin (as you may have read) as it is, and so in the summer, when your body boils to the point that organs turn to mush, i'm inevitably uncomfortable when the sleeves get shorter and the layers come away. suffice it to say, i also find shopping for summer clothes horrendous - ogling all the cute and crocheted and teeny tiny items of clothing that seem to be the only options available for those 6 weeks a year, leads to nothing but sadness and embarrassment when taken to the fitting rooms only to discover that the joke's on me and no, definitely no, and i retreat to my version of appropriate summer wear: maxi clothing. 

i normally don't update my summer clothes all that much for summer because there's normally not a lot i like about those summer 'trends', but this year is a different story because of the weight loss. i was forced to the shops last weekend in search of summer-appropriate clothing that actually fit, because i've gone and done something really ~silly; i've booked a holiday to portugal with the girls. portugallllz.

will i live to regret my sweaty decision? only time will tell, i'm sure, but nevertheless, summer clothes were sought out, tried on and almost-immediately disregarded once more. nothing suits; nothing feels comfortable; nothing is flattering. what i ~do have now is a plethora of maxi skirts and t-shirts in mostly pink and black, as well and and adorable bikini from george* that i will probably never wear but am obligated to take away on a summer holiday just in case i suffer a head injury and decide that swimming would be an ok decision (i don't like being submerged). i now have enough individual pieces to mix and match a basic and fairly uniform capsule wardrobe for my summer break, and that's just going to have to do.

cute and quirky tees will be worn with bold and flowing maxi dresses, and a signature floral crown or straw hat will be on hand tot pull it all together. i've picked up some incredibly adorable sandals this time 'round, so at least my feet will be on trend despite the rest of me isn't. i've also got the most amazing sunnies that i nabbed for a fiver from spitalfields markets a few weeks ago that are an incredible karen walker knock off that are going to come with me, as will my trusty denim jacket and polka dot tote. because you can take the girl out of her happy place, but you can't take the happy place out of the girl. or, something like that.

i mean, it's only a few days, so i'm sure it'll be fine. and it'll probably be so damn hot that i will just have no other option but to get in the pool to cool down, but let's hope that doesn't happen! what would you have in your capsule wardrobe? and how about that bikini!

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