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14 May 2015

w.i.w.t | polka-dotty

dress : h&m | top : primark | shoes*: asos

i am dead bored of my fricken hair, dead bored, the length is too short, but the fringe will not grow. i hate wearing it down, but am bored of wearing it in a bun every goddamn day. i think growing my fringe out was a super bad decision. i just don't suit not having it. i don't like the look of my face without my fringe, but i am just so damn bored of it. once it grows out a bit, and i'm able to wear it side swept, i think it will be ok. i hope so anyway. blarrrghhhk. there's just so. much. forehead! it's making me go polka-dotty.

in other news, how adorable am is this outfit? 
 oh yeah, i know. it's how i roll.

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