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22 May 2015

ted baker is a sweetie

a couple of months ago now, i reviewed the 'london' scented candle by ted baker, and mused about how the 'miami' and 'tokyo' scents would be next on my hit list. imagine my utter pleasure then at learning from ted's head office that their sugar sweet toiletries and gift collection has now launched, and in it, is one ~highly coveted miami candle.

with an offer to review it too good to refuse, it - and some other bits from the collection, was with me within a few days, and the candle now sits pride of place on my dresser while my 'london' scent has been relegated to the make up hold, a.k.a "the place candles go to die".

the indulgent bath and body range has been given the ultimate spring clean this year with the launch of the sugar sweet collection - a collection of totally pretty and giftable bits and pieces inspired by his most covetable floral prints.

the soft floral pink range mixes the soft floral notes of jasmine and neroli, with a base of patchoulli, sadnalwood and musk to complete the scent while the fruity floral mint range is based on a combination of fruity top notes of violet, and a base of vanilla. i don't know my top notes from my bottom notes, but i can tell you that the soft floral body spray is so typically me, i almost wondered if it was made ~just for me.

i'm not a musky kinda gal, i like my smellies pink and florally, and ted's toiletries collection does not disappoint. the whole range includes everything you need for treating yourself and the ones you love, from lip balms to body souffles and bath bubbles and everything in between. and candles! which you already knew.

for some added indulgence, ted's gift collection also includes some faaaancay bloody packaging... there's even a hat box! oh how i want that beautifully minty hat box. for now, i am truly satisfied with my room smelling (once again) like the posh bit of john lewis, and my body smelling (even more) like an actual bouquet of flowers... it's the little things that make us the happiest, isn't it.

are you a floral scents kinda gal, or do you prefer yours musky?

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