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21 May 2015

no please, you misunderstand

last week when i posted some idle ramblings about my hair, i wasn't doing it for attention. if i'm honest, i rarely write anything here just for the attention - that's kind of what twitter is for. here, i write what i'm feeling, honestly, and honestly, i hate my fucking hair at the moment. that's not the part where you cry "oh but i wish my hair looked like yours!" or "what are you talkin' about, your hair is fiiiine", etc. because, if i'm honest, and without sounding like an absolute asshole, i don't really care what anyone else thinks about my hair right now. or, then at least.

it's in an in-between phase, you see. for the first time in about seven years, i'm growing my fringe out. and what i'm noticing now that i don't have a fringe, is that i prefer my face with a fringe. but i've gone too long now to turn back, no matter how much it pains me to say that. i am hoping that in a few months my 'fringe' will be long enough to be able to style as a side fringe/side swept type look, until it's long enough to finally be able to complete the transition to the full on lily collins vibe i've been aching for for months.

the only problem i have when i get ~there, is that i have no freaken idea how to style my hair. i've been wearing my hair in the exact same style for the best part of a decade, that i just simply do not know what else to do with it other than straighten it. i've bought some product - some sea salt spray kind of crap, that's supposed to give body and natural waves or whatever, and yet when i used it, i still just got limp, crappy hair. i honestly don't know how to female sometimes.

so then the folks over at ghd got wind of this, and offered to send me a ghd v gold kit* to try out and see if that didn't help the sitch at all. see... the problem here is, i know how to straighten, it's the other stuff i can't master. like, the loose waves or the out-out curls with the ghd, how does one master that when they're almost completely useless in every hair styling way? i beg of you, i need your help. if you wouldn't be so kind as to direct me to some basic-as-shit youtube tutes on how to achieve optimum hair goals, then that would be just smashing. until then, the v gold and i will be in straight-hair heaven, because.. that's all i can bloody do.

please! team! helpful comments only. i appreciate the love, but i'm not begging for compliments, trust me. i just really need your help! if you provide this, i will be eternally grateful.

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