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6 May 2015

w.i.w.t | throwing back

because of the inevitable return of the throwback trends from season to season, new look have created a fashion timeline that shows the transition of styles from the 60s, 70s, 80 and 90s and their constant reintroduction into our lives. to support this, they set a blogger challenge to attempt to recreate the styles from our favourite eras, from their current product range.

you know me, usually i'm a 50s and 60s darling - zero thought required on that, but with the change (or.. what was ~supposed to be a change) in weather lately, and the promise of sun on the horizon, i had to go against my natural instincts. as i mentioned recently, when the sun comes out i go bohemian; this left me with only one option: the 70s.

[even though i am likely the whitest i've ever been in my life - please excuse the pasty white pins, and also the atrocious hair; i spent far too long trying to style this beast, and that's the best i could do. i swear getting this latest hair cut was the biggest mistake of my life, argh!]

this smock dress featured in last week's wishlist post, and so when new look offered to send it to me to style for this feature, well - how could i resist! the paisley print is so totally 70s, and a print i have totally fallen in love with of late (proof herehere and here). i have always been a floral girl at heart - the cutesier the better really, but during the trans-seasons, i'm all about this unusual petal print.

if there's never been a ~more appropriate time for floral headwear, i've yet to find it. the 1970s saw the rise of the hippy nation, and i for one, am grateful at their introduction to and subsequence rise in popularity of the floral crown. i've always struggled to style my hair in the summer - my forehead gets incredibly hawt under all that fringe, and so the crown is a great way to keep the hair off the face, while still giving great hair game. i'm a fan.
dress + shoes + bag c/o new look | floral crown : primark

what this outfit is missing is some tan accessories, that's for sure. i adore these tan platforms and fringed bag, because to really capture the essence of the 70s, the chunkier and harder to walk in the shoe is, the better. i went with these black suede sandals for this outfit, as i thought i could try and zhuzh the dress up a little bit with something a bit more 'classic'. the metallic bag (which sadly never made it into shot, but that i have been using religiously this past weekend!) is the perfect accessory to do just that too - shiny and smart, but with a definite retro-vibe to it.

i think the final touch would be a light leather or suede jacket for the evening, and maybe a rope belt to cinch this smocky number in a little bit at the waist. other than that, i am loving the 70s throwback style, and dig how easily each of these pieces could be transitioned into the wardrobe without seeming like i was headed to a hippie party. not that ~that would suck, either.

which is your favourite era to throwback to?

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