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20 May 2015

wishlist | plus one

so, i was lucky enough to score a plus one to a beyond-amazing wedding that's happening in a couple of weeks, and guess what? i have nothing to wear. well, course i do, but nothing that fits or is totally june-wedding appropriate but then i remembered... this skirt.

i'd been panic-ripping things out of my wardrobe in a "too dark, too big, too hot" type sitch, and trying to cast my mind back to something i'd worn recently that at least looked a bit dressy, and not something i'd happily throw on for work, when it hit me; i'd handed it on about a month ago to donna as part of frock swap, but hadn't seen her style it as yet, so one quick tweet to the others for their permission in breaking the swap-circle means it's now winging its way back to me now - just in time for the wedding. what excellent work, internet, well done!

i have the perfect white tee with lace sleeves that's going to look smashing with the ice blue tulle, and those black suedette platforms* i nabbed from new look recently are going to give me the little bit of height needed to pull off the midi-length skirt too. it's all coming together nicely! i just need to get my hands on that crown from crown and glory - because what's a wedding without some sort of pastel hat, and that polka dot clutch, and i'm all but sorted.

what do you think; june wedding guest's plus one appropriate?

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