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2 May 2015

update | on reading


i'm due a couple of holidays this summer; in fact, i have two in fairly quick succession in the first couple weeks of june - one of which that i'm sure will see me lounging ~by the pool (as opposed to ~in the pool), and in desperate need of a good book (or two) to keep my brain functioning in all that glorious portugese sunshine.

i will admit i have been bad. i claimed i would read one book a month before i turned 30, and i think we all know i failed that one pretty spectacularly, although i definitely did manage to finish the first '50 shades of grey' book (but not yet see the movie), as well as john green's 'the fault in our stars' (and actually watch the movie!), 'bossypants' by queen tina (why is there no movie?), plus get more than half way through 'the book thief' (and movie!), and start-and-finish 'we are all completely beside ourselves' (also... no movie) while on holiday in palma, so i reckon that's... a pretty good effort, don't you?

as much as i do miss reading, and i would love to have ~more time in my life to be able to legitimately fit this hobby in, the times when i do stop, or am home while it's still light out, or have a couple of hours to kill on a sunday night, i would just rather watch something on netflix and let my mind switch off; i am so looking forward to getting to portugal, and getting poolside.

four days of nothing but sun and sangria (do they even have sangria in portugal?), means my mind will be at ultimate levels of calm and carefree, and totally open to focusing on a good book or two. although i'm gutted amy poehler's 'yes please' still won't be released by the time i jet off, i managed to pick up a bargain copy of mhairi mcfarlane's 'you had me at hello', from a local chazza, and am keen to have a read of that in the interim. i also have caitlin moran's 'moranthology' sitting on my shelf, begging to be opened too... that's a hardback though, and not sure i can be bothered with the excess weight. it is ~thick, let me tell you.

if all else fails, i still have half of 'the book thief' to read too, even though i've now seen the film and totally know how it ends (not well, in case you were wondering). i'd love to hear any suggestions you have for good holiday reading? leave them in the comments below!

*this post was written in collaboration. all thoughts are mine*

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