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5 May 2015

london | the london coffee festival, truman brewery

last friday i was lucky enough to pick up a spare ticket to the london coffee festival which was being held at the old truman brewery, much to my embarrassing lack of knowledge on what is - in essence - a festival maaaade for me. a work friend of rebekah's pulled out last minute, and - after showing an ~intense amount of interest for this unbeknown-to-me festival on the book of faces, it was offered to me, and i wholeheartedly accepted.

the website claimed the festival would feature over 250 artisan coffee and gourmet food stalls, as well as demos from world-class baristas (!), interactive workshops (!!), street food (!!!), espresso cocktails (you get it), and muuuch more. i was uber excited, to say the least.

it was everything i wished it could be. the goody bags were excellent value, the stalls were well positioned and easy to navigate. the traders were all super excited and really, really friendly, and there were so many awesome coffee-based (or at least, caffeine-based!) things to see and try. we came away with a couple of cheeky purchases each (think organic keep cups, fancy chocolate bars, delicious popcorn and of course, the obligatory espresso martinis inside us!), so all in all, it was a very well-spent friday night!

sadly, the festival only ran through the weekend, so you can't even head along! but, if interested, join their mailing list to keep up to date on their next event. i have, because... i love coffee and just cannot get enough. coffee experts doppio coffee have put together this fab infographic that highlights the differences in the huge variety and types of coffees currently available in the uk, and it was too fitting with the festival to not share it with you here too - plus, super interesting facts are super interesting!

who knew that coffee had so many health benefits? not this guy. more coffee please!

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