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9 June 2015

w.i.w.t | wedding-ready

shoes c/o new look | ted baker bag c/o repertoire fashion | skirt : ally's | top : h&m | crown : markets

a couple of weeks ago i shared with you my 'plus one wedding guest look' that i was planning for the wedding that i'm heading to this weekend in the yorkshire dales. the amazing skirt was originally part of the frock swap project that i'm sure you're all familiar with now, and i had to intervene in the regular swap cycle to ensure it made it back to me in time for the wedding. it only ~just turned up in the nick of time before i went awol from the office for my stupidly-planned two-holidays-one-week week off, and so ~thankfully i was able to take it and the rest of this outfit with me on the second leg of my week off.

i really haven't planned for cold weather - like, at all, so i do hope the wind and rain stays away while we're there because if not, i will bloody freeze. the lace tee has sleeves, sure, but they're hardly going to keep me warm, and neither will the many, many layers of tulle. let us all pray for unseasonal yorkshire sun, ok? so i wasn't able to get my hands on the crown i wanted in time, but i did locate this mint and lilac number i picked up for a few quid a hundred years ago in spitalifeilds market which is the perrrrfect shade of pastel to play up to the princess tulle, so i am one happy camper.

and then there was hair. i practised, and practised, and practised with my new ghd styler, aiming for the lily collins waves i've been dreaming of for weeks... but i'm still not ~quite there (or, anywhere near, sadly). instead, i used the kit to perfect the sleekest long bob i've ever known, whacked the crown behind my ears, and then artfully twisted and wrapped bits of my hair around the headband's arms to conceal the rest of the exposed plastic. so simple, but so perfect for this outfit i think... don't you?

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