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30 July 2015

w.i.w.t | polkadotty for apricotty... part one

this is officially my favourite outfit of all time. i've had this skirt from apricot hanging in my wardrobe for ~weeks (after i featured a diff colour version of it in a wishlist recently), praying for the crease around the middle to drop out, waiting for the right inspiration to come along. i already knew i had the right shoes for it, but i was undecided about what i'd team it with up top.

and then over the weekend i was tidying my room and i found this shirt. i've had it for years, and it's been living in the bottom of a drawer since last summer - at least. i loved the idea of clashing both the polka dot prints, and hoped that the shirt would make the outfit a little more casual than what it seems otherwise; the skirt is so well made, and so delicate considering it's just a cotton blend, but with the sheer patterned layer it's so bloody pretty.

skirt c/o apricot | bag + shoes : new look | shirt : primark

do the shoes seem familiar? yes yes, i also have them in black. i found the yellow ones in the sale a few weeks back, and knowing how comfy the black ones were, i knew i had to have these too. even if i had absolutely nothing to wear them with at the time, because... what ~doesn't yellow go with? they sure as heckers go with this skirt, and i cannot compute how perfect it's all come together.

in keeping with the complete polka dot theme, my new laser cut tote (also wished for a few weeks ago) seemed more than appropriate, right? i am one hundred percent smitten with this whole outfit, and looking forward to wearing it... as soon as the sun comes back out.

or - you know - someone takes me somewhere fun to wear this?

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