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11 November 2015

wishlist | christmas glam

ermergerrd it's christmas party season! the worst time of the year - according to my bank account at least. with at least two work parties to consider, new years eve, christmas day itself, and the abundance of christmas parties in between, i'm starting to panic. i am that girl who wears a dress every damn day - as you well know, so i awkwardly fall into that category of "always looking nice", which makes ~actually dressing up really tough.

i tend to think that the best way to combat this, and to overcome the "always dressed up" problem, is to add glitter. or sequins. or metallics. or a combination of the three, because nothing says "party" more than things that shimmer, right? i know i've pinned this polka dot skirt before, but after seeing zoe wear it at the boohoo christmas party on thursday, it's gone right back to the top of the wishlist. it's so versatile in black, and i think we can all agree that there's a place for polka dots at every christmas party. and the shimmery vest is the perfect accompaniment to the skirt - a bit more bling to highlight the metallic dots, but still not too ott sparkles. or maybe it is.

the coat is a sugarhill speshy, and it is the perfect colour for christmas. imagine rocking up to your party-of-choice in that number then whipping it off to reveal your magpie tendancies underneath. incredible, no! and of course, to help with the great heel debate for christmas party season, house of fraser have a fab range of metallic heeled boots, that - if you're anything like me, you will prefer to the classic heel-or-flat battle when you're running from office-to-event.

i adore the sugar and vice reindeer necklace for a bit of added seasonal-accessorising - if you don't believe that sequinned-all-the-things is accessory enough (hint: it isn't); there's a ton of christmassy flavoured jewels floating around the internets at the moment, and the reindeer and some of the glittery bits and bobs from crown and glory are right up there for me as far as extras go.

so, that's a few simple solutions to my problem i suppose, my bigger problem now is... which to buy?

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