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15 January 2016

style | queen of hearts

dress : primark | jumper*: river island | boots c/o boohoo

while i was staying in manchester recently, i was forced to share a room with a whoooole lot of donna's pretty dresses. it was ~torture, let me tell you. the only benefit of being stuck sleeping in what's essentially a giant walk-in wardrobe with a double bed in it, was being able to rifle through said pretty dresses, and decide which ones i thought might need liberating, to a life of freedom with me back in london. 

this particular primark number was the only one i managed to save from wasting a life away, unloved in that giant dressing room of hers, and since getting back to london i've been gagging to wear it. only problem is... all i've been wanting to wear for the past week has been pyjamas. so on sunday when i woke up and realised i kind of felt much less death-like that i had done for the last few days, it was on. quite literally, on my body, for the first time in the whole three weeks i've had it.

it's a little weirdly shaped, but that's primark for you. the top half is button-up, all the way to the adorable collar. and although it pulls over my chest, it's still far too big - even though it's a size 10. the only thing to solve this problem (and keep me warm) without losing the shape of the perfectly-fitting skirt was a cropped jumper. and it just so happens that i nabbed myself this fluffy one from river island* in the after-christmas sales. it was almost as if it was meant to be... dontcha think?

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