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15 May 2013


last weekend i asked some of my very vocal followers on twitter for some advice. i spend too much time online, and i've really missed some of my favourite real-life things; namely, books. i love reading, and i've missed out on tons of reading time for the sake of blogging recently - blogging for... who?

i love to write, yes. i spend far too much time writing about nonsense though, that's my reality. i strive to keep to a daily posting schedule, but it's hard work. i lose an entire day every weekend in scheduling posts, and at least another hour or two every night tweaking, replying and commenting on other blogs.

it almost feels like a full time job. except... there's no pay.

don't get me wrong - i adore my blog. it's been a wonderful outlet for me to discover me and be me, but i don't really have anything to say at the moment. at least, i feel like i don't. which brings me back to books.

reading is most absolute favourite thing to do, and before blogging, i used to devour books like no-one's business. not very good books, let me tell you that. i have a soft spot for chick lit and nonsense like that - probably because i can relate. in fact, part of the reason i moved to the uk was because of all the imagery and romance i found reading the words of marian keyes and sophia kinsella, and authors like them. i truly felt that their stories prepared for life in london, and after years of reading their books, i actually laughed out loud the first time i saw a barley mow pub.

so, i have some posts scheduled, but after that... i'll be reading. i've blogged every day this year bar two. i think i've earned a break. but, because i don't think i'll be that good at leaving the internet alone, you can still probably find me over on twitter @imbeingerica, still chatting the same old nonsense...

ahhhh yes.