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4 May 2013

love stuff box :: review

there are so many subscription boxes available at the moment - it almost seems like there's a new variety popping up every week; beauty, jewellery, tea- you name it, there's one. so when i received an email from the lovely alex at love stuff box, i thought - not another one. then, i read on. love stuff is different from the rest... it is supported wholly by small, independent businesses, and the majority of the contents come handmade, unique and individual, for maximum value for money. who doesn't love hand made and original 'stuff'? not me, that's not who.

so, i signed up for the catch-up box, just to see what the very first (ever!) love stuff box included, and if i thought it would be value for money.

despite the cost of the box (£15*) including 1st class postage, Alex says she's been having a bit of a mare with the royal mail lately, and the box came about a week later. a week for first class post is it a bit ridic. the label was hand written, and was packaged simply and tied with twine. very simple and personal touches; i liked it already. i had to wait 'til i got home to open it, as i hate opening things at work and wanted to take some pictures to share. the anticipation was killing me!

when i did finally get it open, i was... whelmed (we're in europe, so it's real). so, it doesn't just include 'stuff'; the catch up box i receieved included a recipe for (what i imagine would be, if i ever baked - which i rarely do) delicious cupcakes, an index card that explained all the 'stuff', a coupon for a portrait by the talented beckie bray, as well as the all of the goodies. the 'stuff' was mostly sourced from adorable ebay stores, and included 3 bags of 'pink petal lemonade' loose leaf tea (will be nice over ice in the 'summer') from love and leaf, a bar of soap from essex soap box, three quaint braceletts from forrest mush, a handmade notebook from hey katie and a stationary set by castle on the hill.

all in all, some really lovely stuff. probably none of it was to my taste, but i guess that's the risk you run with something like this that doesn't work with survey results or ask you to complete 'personal taste infromation' before joining up. i can see a lot of it going to friends and family as gifts, as while it's not necessarily to my taste this month, that doesn't mean it won't be perfect for someone else, and doesn't put me off giving it another go next month.

if you're a lover of handmade, and a regular etsy shopper, then i wouldn't hesitate to recommend this sub box to you. lucky for you too, if you use the code beingerica you'll receive 5% off your order. if though, you're not so keen on the personal touches, and prefer good, solid evidence of value in your boxes, then i would say this isn't for you. it's so very hard to put a value on handmade products, and what you think something is worth may not be what that person values their 'stuff'.

when you think that £3 of this is postage, i'd definitely think this box was valued at at least £12, and love stuff box promise to never send you anything valued at less that what you've paid. so, win//win!

*in the interest of full disclosure :: as a love stuff box blogger, i received a kind discount off my first purchase, but i still very much paid for this subscription.