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24 May 2013

five things

morning! i am soo so soooooo tired - this gym and fasting nonsense it taking it's toll. plus, it's moving weekend and i've mostly been trawling the webs for homewares... soz!

1. as you will have noticed, i'm obsessed with floral crowns. it all started with my crown & glory. then moved on to my primarni lovelies. then boyfriend made me one. then natasha bought these, aand i want them. and now, amy and ally is making their own?! gimme. also, kinda off topic but.. still floral; gimme this whole kitchen range from next for my new kitchen. (4 days til the move!)

2. what five things post would be complete without a mention of miss kate gabrielle. this week, she gave us a tour of her room... my pastel dreams have come to fruition, in someone elses home! this month becky is giving away some benefit bits, but... i don't want you to enter, because i'd like to win something. little chief honeybee turns 4 this month... hard to believe i've been reading along for only half that amount of that time! have you met miss west end girl? please do. she's the most awesome glaswegian i've ever know.

3. what the eff has happened to amanda bynes? i prefer it when celebrities do good things in their lives; four for zach galifianakis. you go zach galifianakis. how hawwwwwt does khloe k look! she's right about the hard work being worth it in the long run. someone tell me how i get gwynnie's job.

4. currently lusting over these lulu's lovelies, this bag (and this one!) from modcloth, this retro print dress by henry holland, everything that kailey has ever touched (seriously? she's perfection.), and this necklace from i love crafty - yes, really.

5. i'll leave you with this... triple layer cookies and cream crunch bars. whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat.

ps. did you see me over on the dahlia website? i'm practically famous! happy (long) weekend!

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  1. you are the sweetest Erica!! ( ♡ ᴥ ♡ )

  2. I really want to make that amazing looking dish! That would def. send me to sugar heaven!

    Xo, Janelle GlamorousMama


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