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10 May 2013

five things

happy friday kids! first things first, a huge congrats to samantha f of happy homebird on winning the ji ji kiki giveaway - your pieces are en route today! now, on to the fun...

1. yesterday, the internet exploded with all of the happiness! everyone's favourite witty blonde, the one hyperbolist we love alot, allie brosh, is back online after a much needed 18 month sabbatical. her first facebook status since late 2011 had over 39,000 likes and over 5,000 comments at midday (GMT) on thursday, and those numbers just keep growing. if that doesn't just go to show how one person in this crazy bloggersphere can make a big difference, then i don't know what you people want! go and see her, say hello, welcome her back and let's keep her hanging around this crazy place again. my work day is better with her around. and that's important.

2 coffee addict? me too. but do these latte-est sculptures make a mocha-ry of art? yes, i think so. gimmethecoffeewithahellokittyfaceplease. also, peanut butter cupcakes with black coffee frosting. sorry, what? gimme.

3. hey! remember that 90's telly show called 'friends'? it was only on for a couple seasons, so it's a reasonable idea that you might not know what i'm talking about. is what i would say, if we lived on mars, or under a rock. or both. but since we don't, and now i'm just rambling, i shall get to my point; which of the cast's significant others was your favourite? mine will always be a toss up between mike and david. and richard. *swoon* (speaking of significant others ((such a bad segeway)), this tumblr is da best!)

4. do you remember back in april when i entered a competition with fearless brides by creating a 'spring bridesmaid' look for under £200? well.. i won! now i have to decide what to use my voucher on.. i am thinking either this, this, this or these.. thoughts? halp!

5. in keeping with the interior inspiration i've been feeling the last few weeks (just over 2 weeks til we move now! wee!), here is what would happen if someone (ie. boyfriend) let me have my way in cath kidston..

have a great weekend!