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8 May 2013

w.i.w.t :: floral-ful

after the hectic hen weekend, and my sloth-like crawl to bed on sunday night, it was any surprise i woke at all on monday; but woke i did, and early too, which gave me plenty of catch up time to write and plan some posts before (finally) getting up and making my way out into the sun. while faffing about, i asked some of you via twitter for some help on the old "what's your favourite book?" front, as i am keen to read a bit more and blog a bit less (i spend about 4 hours a night online.. imagine all the practical stuff i could be doing!). thanks to a bunch of helpful friends, i am now the proud owner of four new paperbacks, that hopefully amazon.co.uk will deliver me this week - more on them when they arrive.

this dress was bought online during a cardholder special discount day and was an impulse decision i will never regret. when it arrived, it was too big. (i'm so not mad at this dress being too big) so it was exchanged during the week and now fits me like a glove! i was wondering whether or not i should save it for a wedding (i have 3 spring weddings this year!), but in the end decided it was too pretty to waste in the wardrobe until august, so out it came, on a rare (can you hear my sarcasm?) trip to the shops. i even wore a petticoat. it was itchy. hopefully by the time summer actually comes my arms might be in a state to be seen, but until then i have my ever-faithful cardigan collection to keep me dignified.

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