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13 May 2013

the a to z of me :: p

p is for ... plenty of things!

for example, p is for pink; you'll only need to have met me for one second to know about my signature colour. i don't know when my penchant for all things rose-hued begun, but i do know it's been with me for most of my adult life. funny, considering that as a child i was more of a tomboy, and not really interested in the typical 'girly' things. these days, although pink is my go-to colour, i've been known to adore just about anything in a pastel shade. similarly, my love of all things cute and quirky would be incomplete without the token polka dot adoration. there you have it; i believe i am a triple threat cliche.

p is most definitely also for primark. i've never in my life known one shop to continuously deliver and disappoint in equal measure. my first day in the uk was spent in a primark store (lakeside, actually), and i don't think i've gone a week since (bromley, usually). primark is my drug of choice, and the addiction is quite strong. my new flat will be decked out quite heavily in their finest homewares, as will i, as always, in their less than finest footwear.

p is sometimes for princess. as in, i can sometimes be one; that is, be a bit of a brat. i'm sure if you asked boyfriend he would deny these claims, but surely that's because he knows better. but i think that this teeny tiny character flaw mostly comes down to my personality. i am as stubborn as a mule, and as spiteful as a... whatever that particular metaphor is, with a flair for dramatics. this unfortunate combination can sometimes make living with me a little hard, but i'm almost positive that boyfriend wouldn't want it any other way...

and that is, of course, because i am perfect in every way.