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22 May 2013

w.i.w.t :: hardwear and headwear

dress+shoes :: new look // cardigan+crown :: primark // wig c/o annabelle's wigs // bag c/o ji ji kiki

this dress has been hanging up in my wardrobe since probably my birthday; last september. i picked it up on sale after seeing a friend at work wear it at look lovely. it doesn't have any lining, and as a rule, a dress needs lining to stop it from sticking to my tights and to give the skirt some weight so it doesn't fly away. well, for £6 i put all those thoughts aside, and bought the dress.

i put it on today, and was shocked. it's only a size 12, but it's masssssive on me. i mean, i have been eating better and exercising over the last few weeks, but i don't account that to the dramatic size difference in this dress, as all my other size 12 dresses still fit fine (if not more comfortably around the bust!). i wore it out shopping on sunday, and within an hour, was getting fed up with having to pull it down when it stuck to my tights. next time, a slip will be required!

the colours in the dress are 100% perfect for me and just about everything else in my wardrobe. the teal highlights in the floral print meant that this gorgeous weekend in berlin bag by ji ji kiki was the ideal accessory for the day, as was the cream floral crown that i picked up for a steal after seeing natasha'a crown haul last week.

i love the happy juxtaposition of the hard zips on the bag and the studs on the shoes against the florals in the crown and the colours in the dress. what do you think?

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  1. Hottieeeee! You look as adorable as ever, obvs. Congrats on the weight loss, it's obviously working! Xxx P.S. I wish to god my higher kids could whap out "juxtaposition" as effortlessly as you just did! Was a thing of beauty!xx

  2. Love it!! I hate having that feeling that the dress is sticking up in the back and everyone can see my undies. I'm constantly messing with dresses like that!
    The pattern on this is to die for! Totally something that I would have in my wardrobe for sure.

  3. I like your crown queen erica

  4. The bag is lovely and i love that crown! Xx

    1. the bag is a fave, for sure! the crown is fast becoming one too!

  5. Your flower crown looks super gorgeous! <3 I seriously love that colour!

    Lost in the Haze

    1. thank you jo! just a cheapy but a goody x


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