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5 July 2013

friday favourites

i am so excited. tomorrow, i'm hanging out with two of my favourite bloggers and we have so many fun things planned. i'm holding an old fashioned slumber party, and these two are going to help me christen my new place! there's going to be drinking, snacking, and the standard gossipping, as well as lame films and facials, and you can be sure we will be instagramming the whole thing. on sunday, we're hitting up a bloggers picnic in hyde park - here's praying this fab weather continues!

[news] susannah and chris' engagement story is adorable! the voting is finally open and you can now vote for your favourite #swapshopstyling outfit (of mine, hopefully!) over at most wanted. mrs thrifty shares how to spend less money on food. great tips! good fun with bad words. thanks xojane.com. 10 things you thought were okay because they happened on 'friends'. having roomates at 30 is totes acceptable, fyi.

[blog posts] ally shares her room tour, and i'm officially floored how one person has so many colourful things! lyzi is such a little babe. i want that dress. i also want rachel's dress, but what's new - that lady has the most enviable wardrobe. natasha blogged about her nostalgic weekend, and looks smashing with her fella. then abby shared her d.i.y fabric mouse mat, and i instantly wanted it in my life. except.. i don't even use a mouse?

[fashion finds] i feel like i need to add this lilac number to my scalloped pastel bag collection. and to my pastel shoe collection, what about these and these pretty little things? these pastel sunnies will make a welcomed addition to my retro cat eye collection too. ahhh, well done asos, you're three for three. and arrrrgh, new look is on sale, and all my fashion finds from last week are on sale, so now they're in a truck on the way to being in my hands.

[foodies] hershey's kisses cookies and cream bars from milk bubble tea. mixed berry brownie bars from the freckled fox (still can't believe she is over six months pregnant)(also, what's with all the bars?) this yummy looking raspberry sparkler by the gardenista. RITZ CRACKER ICE CREAM SANDWICHES thanks to joy the baker. i mean, REALLY? and then this. cookies and ice cream cheesecake. the internet is killing me today. i mean, from a clogged artery or something. so many cookie and ice cream options this week!

[picture] this little frenchie is so sweet and i want to lick it's face off! look! face! squee!
happy weekend all, i hope you have a great couple of days off!

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  1. You have such a fun link list this week! I really enjoy these, especially as a new reader! I love your slumber party idea, so fun. ^_^ I definitely clicked on the Friends article, the XO Jane bad words article, and of course, eating well for less because come on, that is HELPFUL!

    Have a fabulous time during your slumber party and picnic!


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