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28 July 2013

smells like teen spirit

you guys know the love i have for new look. i get their emails like, every other day. like, every other day, i'm on the website. i want to know something; who decides what emails i get? surely they have a tailored email for each department, right? like, if i was a guy and got the emails, i doubt they'd be trying to sell me the newest shoes or bikinis or nail varnish (no judgement if that's their bag, of course), right? so, i want to know why i only get the sale emails. i mean, clearly it's because i'm cheap, and i have history of only buying the sale items, but... i'm missing out on so much awesome stuff!

today (pay day, sigh) i was on the website, and i accidentally clicked on the wrong link. i ended up on the teens page. no big deal, i shop in the teens section a fair bit. i bought this dress last week; no kidding, it says 13 in it. like, what's that about? i can't wear an adult 10 but a kids 13 is perf. such lols. i digress. i landed on the 'view all clothing', and just about died from over excitement... behold the perfection that is generation 9-15:

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 //10
let's just take a minute. there's an owl, on a tee-shirt. and a love heart, tie-front top. pink wash plimsolls, and a polka-dot chambray skirt! lace, floral, pastels, pinks! everything is perfect! i love everything! the amazing thing about the teens section is that the shoes are the same sizes as the adults. which is awesome, because i need those pink wedges too. hell. i need all of that.

so this week, with a pile of payday pennies in my bank account, i'm going shopping... again...


*written in collaboration with brand*

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