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4 July 2013

mundane midweek

**you all seem to be really loving hearing how mundane the middle of my week is every week, and now that charlotte has given the link-up a page of it's own, we can all now rant our little hearts out on the reg! how exciting**

to be honest, this week so far has dragged, and all i can see at the end of the tunnel is the totally awesome blogger meet-up/sleepover/#bignightin i'll be hosting this weekend. this week couldn't be going any slower though, and despite the hundreds of emails bouncing back and forward between myself, kim and kirsty regarding times, plans and the like, the weekend doesn't seem to be getting any closer.

i've been suffering from a mighty annoying headache too, for the best part of this week. stress induced? most likely. hosting is hard! i've spend a tiny fortune on supplies, and to think i'll only be feeding the three of us, there's enough food in my cupboards and fridge dedicated to saturday night to feed a small army. a small, sugar-deprived army, beacuse there is currently nothing of substance in there. whoops.

i still have to go out and pick up some final things... booze, namely, and i suppose some 'healthy snacks' so we don't all bounce out of the windows from all of the sugar. i've been preparing for some baking. i did some crafting. i tidied and prepared my flat. in a whirlwind of blu-tac and teeny tiny nails (and one boyfriend for assistance), we hung nearly every picture frame we could get our hands on. and one mirror. and got a new toilet seat (the old one was blue? so weird). now to actually do some baking. wish me luck, i'm no domestic goddess.

oh, and i still have to dye my hair.

and then in the midst of that was boyfriend's birthday. at lunch on wednesday i volunteered myself to go out and his his 'work birthday' present. (oh, boyfriend and i work together too, for those of you just tuning in) so my lunch was spent voucher buying. i did also buy a cute bag from monki, so, not all bad. my headache was dibilitating toward the end of the afternoon, so i did very little until it was time to leave. "what's new!" i hear you cry. well, true. but then again, it's hardly my fault i'm so good at my job. *cough* after work boyfriend and i went to spend his vouchers at h&m, then topped it all off with birthday dinner at jamie's diner in piccadilly. (it was nom - more on that another time!)

then there were gu chocolate souffle pots in leiu of an actual birthday cake (see above re: not being a domestic goddess), a bit of birthday tv then an early night cos, we're getting old man.

oh, and i still have to dye my hair.

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