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8 July 2013

i've gone baking mad

in preparation for the slumber party, i decided some baking might be in order. so when the good people at baking mad asked if i'd be interested in checking out their summer recipes to see if there was anything i might like to try my hand at, i couldn't refuse. but then i remembered; there's a reason i don't bake. i mean, i don't even know how to make cupcakes - what was i getting myself in to...

before i could panic too much, i headed over to the website to suss out the level of expertise required to recreate some of the recipes. it was then that my eyes fell upon this easy peasy flower cupcake recipe and i knew i was on to a winner...
i made some slight alterations to the recipe, as i legitimately hate anything almond flavoured unless it's an actual almond, but i actually managed to bake something decent! the icing was a bit of a let down (because stupidly i used caster sugar like a noob instead of icing sugar like any normal person would), and granted, they look nothing like the picture, but man alive did they tasted delish!
ten points to me, and baking mad for the inspiration. are you impressed by my skills yet?

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  1. I wish I could bake! Unfortunately I've never been one to have enough luck with icing... I'll get it right one day! x

    1. i used a proper icing bag, and it worked a treat!

  2. I have been meaning to back cakes for about a week! I SWEAR tomorrow is the day!! I just bought some silicon cases too so I will certainly be making some cupcakes!



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