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18 July 2013

mundane midweek

for starters, i think i'm no position to claim a mundane midweek, but i'm going to try. you'll see why...

i've been eduring the heat, but only just. i've been recycling the same three or four maxi-things i own for the last week, and it's bringing me down. you know me; i don't like to wear the same things very often, so to have a handful of options to mix and match from in the zillion-degree weather, well... i'm plain annoyed.

then i won the #StyleSaverChallenge on tuesday, and with that, £300 cold hard cash. so what else was there to do but go shopping? nothing. there was nothing else to do.

thankfully this week i'm on the early shift, so i bunked out of work dead on four on tuesday, and headed straight to oxford street (rookie error)(not even a rookie, i should know better) to start my shopping. new look, next, h&m home, mcdonalds for a frozen slurpee thing, then - the piece de resistance; primark on tottenham court road.

i entered the store just after five pm. i didn't leave until after seven. almost two hours spent claiming things off racks and snooping in all of the departments, for those much sought after summer essentials. i'd picked up so many things, and i didn't have a basket, but no-one came to my aid. i asked the ground-floor security guard if he could hold open a basket while i poured my stuff in. he flat out refused. so i did the only sensible thing: tried to keep shopping, piling things higher and higher in my arms, while still maintaining the two bags i'd picked up previously, and my handbag. and trying to hold my skirt up so i woudln't stand on it.

the heat was relentless, as were the shoppers - in particular, the spanish tourists who'd decided that sitting on the floor where i needed to walk was a really choice idea.

eventually, i conceded defeat, and got in line to check out. well, as if that wasn't mundane as hell - 20 mins spent standing in one place, shifting from foot-to-foot only to shuffle a few foot ever few minutes while carrying ten tonnes of budget fast fashion.

i didn't know it was possible to spend over £100 in primark. i've certainly never done it. i've heard rumours of others trying - some even coming close, but ultimately... always failing. but not me; laden with two (double bagged, natch) giant primark bags, i'd scored a new duvet set (£7 on sale from £11), a love heart cushion (£3), two pairs of sandals (£3 on sale from £6 and £3.50) and one pair of flats (£5), two maxi skirts (total £22), two sleeveless denim shirts (£5 on sale from £12 and £10), a peach cut-out 3/4 shirt (£12), a pink ruffle tee (£2! on sale from £6), a gorgeous floral skater dress (£10 on sale from £22), some shirts and boxers (total £18) for boyfriend and a headband (£1.50), all for the didy sum of £102 exactly.

oh, but then i still had to get it all home.

my arms still haven't recovered.

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  1. I could do with a good shopping spree! There is nothing like it, even with all the mundane cap you have to deal with in the process! I hope you are feeling lovely today in your new clothes! xx

  2. woweeeeeeee Erica! I wish the security guard could have helped you out as it certainly sounds like you needed it. You must be pleased with all your purchases - enjoy! xx

  3. Woah woah , biggy number for a shopping spree , have fun with your purchases :D
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  4. Yep, I could also do with a shopping spree. Although, at the point, I'd rather just have my own place, but still, I'm already dreaming about what I'd buy on my shopping spree. lol


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