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12 July 2013

friday favourites

this week in the bloggersphere...

kim and i joke that our boyfriend's are basically the same people, but... rory takes the crown this week with his epic booty haulsunae gives us six reasons we should totally vote her onto the tourism australia board (seriously though, i've seen more spiders in london than ever in australia). kate's basically worked her life out at 26. i wonder when i will..? miss west end girl helps us banish the mid-week blues by frocking up, while bre shares some womanly love...(with me!) 

this smoothie by mags is much wanted. elizabeth shares her baked vanilla and cinamonn french toast (and i drool). milk bubble tea never fails me. this week? chocolate and marshmallow fluff (the best bit!) pie. these homemade coffee ice-blocks (or whatever you brits call them; ice lolly? give me a break!) over on nouvelle daily are calling me - fingers crossed this weather hangs around! joy the baker reminisces, and i in turn, get hungry.

this is horrible, please sign this petition. shannon wants you to read this book (i think i will). "never trust a big butt and a smile" and other life-changing lyrics. why chivalry is important (and defiitely not dead).

kate's dahlia dress is divine. i hope they sell it! everything on autumn's wishlist is dreamy. i saw this dress online in the sale and had to have it. so i bought the last one.these shoes too. a friend recently got this radio and now i waaaant it (in mint, duh). i just got a new phone. and now i need this. like, now!

poor summer. all i seem to do i steal take inspiration from her weekly finds. but, this lounge area is soooo drrreamy!

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  1. That radio is to die for! I want!! Same with the loungeroom! Makes mine look terribly bland!

    Thanks for the love, and I'm glad you share my thoughts on Australia's spider population - it's minimal at best! haha xx

  2. Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for the mention lovely! I love catching up with your friday favourites and it was such a surprise to see my wee blog :)
    Have a fab weekend xx


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