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7 August 2013

amy lysette reviews :: the outline of love

today i'm very happy to hand my wee blog over to the sensible hands of amy lysette from (a)my space! amy's renowed for her book reviews, and while i have a few books on the go (still) at the moment, there's always room on the pile for one more! without further ado, give it up for amy...

Review of The Outline of Love
This time 10 years ago I was preparing to leave my home in Derby to go to university in Liverpool – and was bordering on having a meltdown. Whilst I loved picking out a new duvet set and flowery crockery, I was also really scared. What if my new housemates didn’t like me? What if no one on my course liked me?! Would I be able to cope with being so far from home? I’m sure most people have felt like this and I am sure I am echoing the thoughts of those about to set off to study next month. 
Luckily, I loved university and all my fears were laid to rest in the first few weeks as I met some fabulous people who I am still friends with now. So when I read The Outline of Love by Morgan McCarthy, I couldn’t help but love it as it took me right back to September 2003 and the awkwardness of moving out and finding your feet. 

Our leading lady in the book is Perphone who grew up on a country estate in the Scottish Highlands. The only child of a widowed father she wants some excitement in her life so leaves to study for a degree in London. But having been so isolated at home she is completely inexperienced when it came to friendship, sex and love. She throws herself into student life though – parties, awkward housemates, new friends and crushes. But she quickly realises she’s missing what she’s always wanted – love. 

When she meets famous writer and ex-rock star Leo Ford, she falls for him hard. They embark on a love affair but Leo always seems to be holding back. And soon she realises the dark secret about why he is…
From the pretty cover of the London silhouette, to the story itself, I loved everything about this book. McCarthy’s writing is so descriptive you can’t help but place yourself there and all her characters I couldn’t help but relate them to friends/frenemies I’d made myself at uni. It made me very nostalgic indeed! 

So if you’re about to set off for university or would like to reminisce, this book is the one for you. Enjoy!

thank you so much amy... for making me realise how bloody old i am! ten years ago? oh gaaaaad! if nothing else, you've piqued my interest in this 'leo ford' character... i have always liked the bad boy though...

have you read the outline of love, or are you planning to soon? pop over to amy's blog and let her know what you think!

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