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23 August 2013

friday favourites

i live right by leicester square, so film premieres are a dime a dozen; there's one every week. but this film premiere was unlike any i've ever seen. say what you will about their music, but those boys are untouchable. omg i laughed so hard in my lunch break yesterday at these hilarious insults from around the world! this article reminds me that once we're on the internet, we can never not be on the internet. it's a scary world out there folks!

are you as envious of ally's new room as i am? so jealous! everyone's been sharing their contents this week; chantal shares here, kaelah here and, well, me here. i love everything on becca's birthday wishlist! i adore lindsey's style, and i just adore her outfits here and here

have you heard of houndworthy? an online, uk store that stocks an incredible range of premium quality products... for your pooch! this lady bandeezy is adorable, as is the dip dyed pink lead! more reasons to invest in that frenchie i've been dreaming of...how beautiful is this white jade ring from gemley's of london? very beautiful i think is the answer you're after. probably not as beautiful as the citrine cz oval ring though. a tough call, i'll agree. modcloth are having their annual epic sale, and i've found my faves! this tropical tea dress, these strappy pumps and this gorgeous dolly dress!

i met jenna on wednesday night, then stalked her afterwards and found her amazing peanut and nutella tart recipe that i reaaaally want to try! we're smack-bang in the middle of watermelon season; have a chunk you can't move? try this watermelon gazpacho care of nancy wilde. how yummy is this safe-to-eat chocolate cookie dough? gimme.

how cute is kate. she's been playing along in the greatest international scavenger hunt the world has ever seen, and this is a picture of one of her tasks - to interpret the term "helium pants"... adorable!
kate gabrielle at scathingly brilliant

it's been a slow news week guys, but hopefully you've found something worthwhile!

have a great (long) weekend!

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  1. Kate's interpretation of helium pants is one of my favorite things I've seen all week! I'm also loving the hysteria at that film premiere. Ah, to be young. Thanks for sharing my wishlist post!

    Ladyface Blog

  2. Kate is the cutest. When I grow up I wanna be as fancy and fabulous as her :p

    When I first read this I was like...wait...I didn't meet you on Wednesday night. Then I was like...oh right...I'm not the ONLY Jenna I suppose.


  3. Thank you for sharing my picture! :D

  4. ah, thank you for featuring me here! i adore kate's picture at the end of the post, seriously so cute!

    lindsey louise



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