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21 August 2013

the scoop :: what's in my bag?

firstly, let's talk about this bag. a primark goody, yes, i also have it in the stone/cream colour way too. i had the lighter one first; picked it up probably about a month ago. last tuesday, i was walking through leicester square when i saw a girl with this darker, berry version; it was love at first sight! i made the decision then and there to head to primark straight after work and grab one of my own.

i love that it's almost a more user-friendly satchel. i really love the look of satchels, and god knows they are a fashionable and long-wearing piece, but... so many buckles! too hard to get in! can't whip into it at ease! so, with the push clasp on the front, and still the half-flap and external pocket, i think this gives the very real illusion of a satchel, but without the arse-ache. plus, it's got scallops and laser cut flowers. it's basically the perfect bag for autumn.

1 // floral purse :: i love this purse. i got in on one of my very first trips to camden market when i first moved to the uk, and it's perfect for me; it has the right amount of card pockets, room fro a shit ton of receipts, and a double-coin purse. the colours of it are perfect - this purse literally goes with every bag i own, so it never seems out of place!

2 // keys and swipe card :: important for entering either of the two places i spend all my time! i love my cath kidston keyring; i got it on our first trip to brighton last year, in the after-christmas sales, and it it was started my love affair with the brand. i only have four keys; three to get into my flat, and the spare key to the first flat i lived at in england - my friend erin's. pink and leopard print at my direction. now, it's for emergencies only.

3 // oyster card :: i love this card holder. this was a freebie from royal albert at one of the their tea-in-the-park affairs, and it's so perfectly me! this one actually replaced another royal albert one, obtained in much the same fashion, but ultimately wore out. this time round, i nabbed a few spares to keep me in covers for awhile!

4 // lego man usb + business cards :: well, you never know who you're going to meet, and what you're going to need to... store? i don't know. the usb just happened to be there that day. it's not normally. not shown : hand cream, which is always present, but had run out on this particular day.
5 // sunnies! these babies have been on my radar for monnnnths, and thanks to the lucky win i had recently with myvouchercodes, they recently became mine! i adore the thick, round frames, but also how they do still flick out into a rounded cats-eye. they're sold out now, but when i nabbed them, i did so for the tidy sum of £7... i'm a winner!

6 // many, many, lip products :: i can't live without lucas' pawpaw ointment. it's an aussie tradition that i make sure i replenish whenever a birthday or christmas comes around and i am guaranteed a care package from home. it's kinda like vasaline, but not. it's better. it's a miracle balm - chapped lips, cuts, burns, makeshift hand cream - you name it, it relieves it. i'll also always have some sort of lip colour. currently apocolips in celestial and nova.

7 // headphones :: well duh. despite not being able to play or sing a single note, my life is music. i work in music, there's always music playing in our house, and always a song playing in my head. sadly for me, i've not yet update my new phone properly, so at the moment i've got three albums on repeat; bastille, birds of tokyo and biffy clyro. yep, i think i got stuck on 'b'.

and naturally, my phone goes everywhere, and i go nowhere without it. this phone is my lifeline to the world. so sad to say, because what a pity a life is that revolves so much on technology. but, it's true. my friends, my blog, emails, banking, addresses, music, information, camera... it's all in this baby.

so, all pretty standard, right! what do you think of the bag?

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  1. That bag is SO cute! I always have a ton of lip products in my bag, too. Like, 5 at any given time. Yikes!

    Ladyface Blog

  2. I really love your bag!!!! I think i am so dependent on my phone, i dread to think how helpless i would feel if i ever lost it : ( xx

    1. oh, it's the worst. it's happened to me before, and i felt like half a human. horrible.

    2. Oh no! It's a first world problem but still...

  3. Love that bag, girlie. I'm sure you hid all the receipts and crap that lurks in the bottom of your bag ;) xx

    1. tis a new bag, therefore no crap currently exists!

  4. I have the exact same bag, it's such a bargain. Love it x

  5. Such a gorgeous bag! Looks so expensive! Love the sunglasses too :D x


  6. Love the bag! I wouldn't have guessed it was from Primark at all. Handcream and Lip products are always in my bag too; they're so useful. x

  7. Ohh the colour of that bag is lovely. The Lego USB is awesome!! Xo


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