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17 August 2013

moroccanoil :: review

when the folks at amazing hair asked if i'd be into reviewing a sample bottle of moroccanoil -  after all the hair woes i've been having of late, i just about threw my hands up in exasperation. i'm d o n e with hair products! they serve to give me nothing but woe and agg, and i literally have no time to waste on perfecting another hair care routine that just won't work.

i am the laziest person when it comes to hair. i rely far too heavily on dry shampoo; i wash it once a week if i'm lucky, and at best the most care i put into it it the occasional pump of leave in conditioner or the special conditioner you get for free in your pack of home hair dye. i'm a minimalist, yes, but i hardly think my hair really needs much more than that. i don't straighten, i don't blow dry, and i use conditioning hair dyes. for all intents and purposes, my hair is pretty healthy.

or so i thought.

i did some research; i learned that moroccanoil is not only used in some of the most prestigious salons and runway shows around the world, but that it can be used on the skin as well, to combat things like stretch marks, acne, and dry skin. so basically, it's a miracle serum? sure. it's sourced from - morocco, duh, from the argan tree (plant?). i've been to morrocco, and don't think i recall seeing this product. anywhere. but, figured there must be something in the claim that it is the go to hair care product, especially as the bloggersphere appears to be saturated with reviews on the stuff.

so i gave it a go.

was i shocked that my hair had miraculously turned into a fine, auburn silk? no. did i notice an errmazing shine and glow omitting from my bonce? no. did i wonder if i was in fact using it as directed? yes; a 20p sized amount was massaged into my damp ends, and allowed to dry naturally. i will admit it made my hair smell lovely - like a tropical holiday (i'm strange, i know), but i didn't really notice much of a change, besides my hair not getting as tangled while it was down as it would normally. i suspect this is because there was oil in my hair, and not because of anything that the oil had necessarily done to my hair, if that makes sense...

i asked boyfriend what he thought, and he said i needed a trim. i think he's probably right, but found his remarks super unhelpful. in the three weeks i've had the sample bottle, i have used it three times. this is probably not enough to give a really real review, but based on this usage and the pretty good state that my hair was already in, i don't know that i would neccessarily buy this product again. mainly because a full-sized bottle retails at around £30, and i don't spend that much on anything.

truthfully though, last year when i damaged my hair incredibly through random bleach attacks on the tips, i used a similar product (from primark), and it did do wonders on repairing so much of the damage. so, if you've got the money, and the poor ends, then try it. you can pick up sample sizes for much less, and a sample would give you an idea of what it can do.

have you used moroccan oil before? how did you get on with it?
(*thank you to amazing hair for the sample, sorry if i seem ungrateful!*)

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  1. that stuff is AH-mazing!!! it is pricey so i don't buy it every time i run out but i wish i had an endless supply of it!

  2. I use an argan oil everyday I wash my hair (3/4 times a week) and I love it, I don't dry or straighten my hair often, I have natural colour and its ridiculously thick and getting longer... It's a miracle product for me.

    But Moroccan Oil is just as good as some of the cheaper high street alternatives like loreal and avon!

    Thanks for your review! Issy xx

  3. Well I suppose if your hair is in good condition already, it's a bit pointless using this. My mum swears by it, but she blow dries and straightens her fine hair everyday so she probably does need it xo

  4. Mhm... I wanted to try this a while ago because I have dry, curly hair but especially for a teenager it's pretty pricey so I opted for Argan Oil instead and that works just fine. Thanks for the honest review, though :)

  5. I think you should persevere with it!! I use Moroccan Oil every time I wish my hair and really do notice a different. In fact, last week I stayed in a hotel and forgot to take it with me - my hair was a frizzy mess after washing it!! I guess these products don't work for everyone, but I would recommend giving it a try :) xx

  6. I've never used that one, but I've got a bottle of argan oil which is really good. Rory likes it too.
    Told you he's gay.


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