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29 August 2013

review :: a pony called steve

when the lovely emma of a pony called steve contacted me and asked if i'd be into reviewing some of their handmade bars of soap, i was in two minds. firstly, well because it's soap. what kind of review could i give? "it worked well, i was left with cleaner hands than when i started. a great product." but at the same time, i was immediately fascinated by the brand name, and wanted to know more.

i hit the website, wanting to know about the oddest company name of all time, and was swept away with the bright pictures of soap that welcomed me on their landing page. i read on, desperate to know where the odd name came from, and in the meantime found myself thinking just exactly what 'hothouse flowers' smelt like.

once i'd satisfied my curiosity, and succumb to the fact that the girls behind the brand are just as into florals and fruity scents (and a bit crazy) as i am, i agreed; yes, i would be more than happy to review a bar of your lush soaps! but... "which ones?" emma asked. which ones? you mean "i have to choose?" i asked in reply. it was agreed that emma would choose for me based on my (rather long) list of favourite foods and scents. order in, i sat back and waited. and subsequently forgot about it, because of a slight delay in the delivery, it was almost three weeks until the package was received. but, when it was, it was widely welcomed around my desk; everyone came over for a smell! even through the bubble wrap and the packaging, the aroma was deliciously sweet and heady. heady!

emma had included a bar of raspberry blossom and honey, and a peach iced tea. i had emailed her to let her know that they'd arrived, and besides being concerned about the time it took to arrive, suggested alternatives to my hasily ripping the packages open, as - they smell and look too damn good to actually use! she suggested popping them in various drawers in my wardrobe - the scents are that strong that they have left my clothes with this amazing, fruity aroma that lasts on them right through the day.

i know popping soaps in your knicker drawer is the oldest trick in the "nanna chic" book, but seriously - i cannot promote this option more! i'll be honest; i haven't unwrapped these babies yet, and i have no idea what the bars even look like. what's more, i don't care. because currently my knickers smell divine, and i'm happy about that. i also have one sat on my bedside table, so that when the windows are open and the breeze is strong, i get a lovely, sweet hit of peach first thing in the morning. there are worst things to smell at 7am, amiright?

you can find a pony called steve here, or on facebook here.

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  1. Erica, your reviews are INCREDIBLE. I really love the packaging on these puppies and your description of their scents is so lovely!

  2. These are lovely. Thanks, I'll look them up now as they'd make pretty presents.


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