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26 August 2013

interior style :: a2 poster printing

i know i'm starting to sound like a broken record, the way i carry on about the bare walls in my flat. since our ikea trip a few weekends back, i keep chastising myself for not picking up some cheap frames and prints - anything really, to relieve the sad magnolia situation that is our bare lounge room walls. you might remember that we saved some aged frames from a skip recently, but they're currently still sat on the floor in the lounge, unpainted and unfilled, waiting for some inspiration to hit.

we're not really that handy, boyfriend and i. i have loads of inspiration, but not a lot of drive. or, skill, to be honest. boyfriend waxes lyrical about hanging shelves, and making tables, and building motorcycles, but - besides a few nails in walls, i've yet to see anything akin to handiwork from him. me on the other hand, well i keep meaning to start sanding things, and start painting things, but then something more important comes up. like making a cheesecake. or sorting my shoe closet out. or watching (someone else's) paint dry.

i'm just a lazy girl, folks. that's all there is to it.

this dilemma has me wondering too - what do i even want on the walls? and which walls should we decorate? all of them? one of them? argh! with our thinking caps on, boyfriend and i decided that rather than buy stock standard prints from a shop, or try our luck with rare awesome finds in a charity shop or boot sale, we would try and get some of our own pictures framed and hung. you may be surprised to know that currently, there's not a single picture of the two of us (or either of us for that matter) in our flat. not one. the picture frames we do have hung are full of post cards or pictures from our travels. visitors to the flat would be shocked to learn a happy couple live there. this needs to change, pronto, and i think i've found a solution to our impersonal and bare-walled problem.

could a2 poster printing be the idea we've been looking for? i sure hope so.

while looking at the cheap business cards at printed.com earlier in the year, i saw they also had a poster printing option among the bevvy of other services. this option would mean we could get some high-quality and personal prints, for the same price as a generic, store-bought print. while hunting online i found a ton of canvas print options too, which seem to all have really great reviews - and i especially loved what kaelah and mike did with their diy version. and better still, i reckon than even the creativity challenged like us can follow those kinds of simple steps! i think that maybe - just maybe, i might finally have the encouragement to put my creative hat on and pull off the d.i.y of the year!

the only questions now is... which pictures do we choose? wish us luck!

*written in collaboration with brand*

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  1. Your walls are looking great! I'm excited to see which pictures you choose!

    Ladyface Blog

  2. I love your cluster of picture frames! really cute. Another cheap way to fill up wall space is to frame really pretty wallpaper - and you can just get samples from the shop/online for it, instead of buying a roll! x

    Hips Like Cinderella

    1. that's actually a really great idea - thank you!!


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