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18 August 2013

the weekend edition :: go west!

on friday night, instead of heading out with the work kids for some well-deserved end-of-work drinks, i went home and made another cheesecake. and cleaned my room. like some kind of old person. it was awesome! the cheesecake was in honour of a 'dinner party' we were to attend on saturday, and the cleaning of the room was in honour of the fact i'd lost (and subsequently found, hurrah!) my favourite shirt. 

i expanded upon my recent cheesecake recipe to include some lemon curd this time, and because i'm kind of a free spirit these days, i didn't bother measuring any of the ingredients; just chucked it all in. i did worry as the cheesy mess hit the tin that maybe, just maybe it wouldn't set. well, it did. so i rock.

on saturday morning, after making sure that the cheesecake had indeed set, we quickly packed an overnight bag, and headed to the train station - we had plans out west! we had to take the long way to the station because there had been an accident near the top of our road, which meant a detour. on the walk, we scouted some more hard rubbish, and decided we'd walk back that way on the return to nab it if it was still there. we met carmen at baker street station, then together jumped on the metro line all the way to (almost) the end of the line; rickmansworth.

with the promise of wine and food, and... football for the lads, all to much to resist, we sucked it up and settled into the 45 minute journey west to... wales? it felt like wales. the  sun had gone, the rain had stopped in and... it was very village-y. carmen and i are sure it was wales. our hosts, lou and james tell us otherwise, but we wouldn't be fooled into believing we were still in london. i mean, who's ever heard of zone 7 anyway?

it's fair to say though that a couple glass of wine around 1pm was a bad idea. we peaked too soon, and by 3pm had to get out of the house for air. we wandered through the local charity shops (how amazing is that coffee set! a bargain too, if only i had a way to get it back to london!) before we were called back to the house from exhaustion. while the lads watched many, many games of football, us ladies settled into an afternoon film, which led unexpectedly to an afternoon nap. i'm not even sorry. we were nursing same-day hangovers and we're all getting on. plus, naps are 100% better with others.

after that, we sat around and talked absolute nonsense until the early hours. lads!lads!lads! i didn't touch another glass of wine for the whole night, and stuck to diet coke like the designated driver at the family barbeque. we had an absolute ball just hanging out with some amazing people though, which just goes to show it's not about the drink, it's about the people. *emo* i love those guys. my friends are the best. you should be jealous.

today, we woke up pretty early. we eased ourselves of bed and after a quick tea and toast and morning chat, we were back on the train. we hadn't timed our departure very well with the coinciding trains as we didn't get back to our station, coffee in hand, until almost two hours later... very tired when we finally saw our lovely station! 

not too tired to claim that beauty of a chest of drawers left stranded by the station though! made from solid wood, it was unbearably heavy, and we struggled to get it home just the two of us. the trip that normally takes us all of seven minutes, today took an extra half an hour thanks to all the stop-starting we did in order to relieve our hands and backs of the heaviest bit of furniture i've ever carried.

termites and spiders included. totally worth it.

how was your weekend?

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  1. Love the tea set & the chest of drawers!

    Wish I had your eye for things


    1. i wish i had a car to transport all the lovely things!

  2. Ahhh, you always manage to drop on! Those drawers would be amazing painted a bright bluey/greeny colour! Sounds like a grand weekend, I've been car booting today...all your posts made me jealous!

    1. they're definitely getting their paint on - undecided what colour... am thinking a spearmint or raspberry!

  3. I'm seriously in love with that chest.

  4. That chest of drawers is awesome. You find the best stuff. Jealous.


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