a birthday wantlist

what's that? you had no idea it was my birthday this week? oh, well how were you supposed to, i mean, you're hardly a mind reader, right? well, look. i'm going to make it real easy for you. buy me anything off this here list (except number one cos it was the last one in stock and i snapped it up! bun crown! adorbs!), and i will be one happy bunny on friday. 

1  // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7

although i did manage to save my ghds after their encounter with the hair dryer last week, they're bloody old, and make my hair greasy. they're coming on six or seven years old, have never had a clean, and.. well, they're not pink. this diamond styler is perfect! plus, £10 from the purchase goes to breast cancer research, which makes me happy too. double happy in fact!

i've spoken about that ring before. it's called the marshmallow ring, and the delivery date on it it the day i get back from holidays. as if that didn't work out perfectly! my left hand, middle finger is a size m or n, thanks very much (although gemleys are no longer sponsors around here, i bet you could still get the 10% discount (and free shipping!) with the code ERICA. just try it, see how you go, and let me know how you get on).

shoes! yes, shoes. i said last week i wanted to invest this year, and invest you shall when you get me either those lotta's (they're in the sample sale, so pretty cheap!) or those martina geeks from topshop. i'm a size 39 usually, but lately i've been taking closer to a 7. i guess it depends on the make? anyway, i'll let you decide which size to get, but either of those two would be the perfect addition to my shoedrobe. as would that hat. it certainly would mark an impressive way to kick of an impending ear-hat collection. grey because it will be transeasonal, and will take me through til the end of the year and back into spring. it's a year-round investment! the gift that keeps on giving! you're too kind!

earlier this year boyfriend bough me daisy for the first time, and lola last year for my birthday, so it makes sense that this year i get another marc jacobs to add to the collection, no? i was torn between dot and honey, but having sampled both a lot recently, i think i'm going to have to choose honey. please feel free to get me either, or both, or, whichever you prefer. i mean, it's your gift, right?

you guys, you spoil me so! how on earth will i ever repay your kindness?