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28 October 2013

app-reciative (for want of a better title)

firstly, let me apologise for the forthcoming blurry photos. i took them before my morning coffee and only noticed how bad they were as i was editing. by that point, i couldn't be bothered retaking them. so, let's carry on, shall we? yes. well, this pretty little thing -- this samsung galaxy tab 3, made it's way into my hot little hands last friday, thanks to the amazingly generous folk at argos. since the following morning, boyfriend and i have not been able to put it down -- something you can probably tell from the grubby finger marks all over the screen..! 
initially, i thought i would use the tab as my go-to device for all things blogger-related. my laptop has been on the way out for a solid year or so, and with all the apps available on android devices, i thought this would be a perfect replacement. blogger, bloglovin' and all of the social media apps are hugely accessible and functional on this tablet, and with the 12800 x 800px resolution and the 10.1 inch screen, every tweet, blog post and instagram is viewed in maximum clarity. not to mention the, err... many, many shopping apps that have made their way onto my homepage that allow me an all-to-easy access to the high street from the comfort of my sofa. and pj's. 

i'm a big reader. i love the smell of new books (fresh from the publisher, or new to me - second hand books have the best smell... usually), earmarking pages that i love, and the look of a book after it's been bashing around in my bag for the few days/weeks/months it takes to read it. but, i'm not gonna lie; the first thing i did with this bad boy was subscribe to my favourite monthly mags and download a few (free) e-books. picking a few was hard, because there are tonnes on there to choose from. also, the mag subscriptions are cheaper on the tablet than they are in store -- as far as i can tell? either way, i've been knocking between the latest company, lewis carroll's 'alice in wonderland' and the latest from sophia kinsella. it's been awesome. boyfriend, on the other hand, has been sketching his little heart out on a dozen or so drawing apps that i've allowed him to install. (i've now also made the discovery of a couple gruesome boy-games that have suddenly appeared on the desktop... i definitely did not allow those!)
and, if it's not too ungrateful to say, the best bit about having this tablet is the amazing kate hill case i picked up in australia for her. kate hill is my jam, ladies. when i saw this pretty lilac case, covered in quilted flowers (!!), it had to be mine. and then it was. and that was even before i had this tablet. it was fate.

have you used the galaxy tab 3? what's your goto android app?

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  1. The more I see this tab pop up the more I want one, damn you Erica!!xx

    1. get onnnne. it's literally the *best* thing i've ever owned.


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