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14 October 2013

hello // thank you // congratulations!

we're baaa-aaaack! those two weeks away absolutely flew by. the first week spent at home with my mum, that i spent showing boyfriend around 'home' was mostly stressful, exhausting, but very happy. the second week - the week we spent in melbourne with my pseudo family was so relaxed, we were well-rested, and the week saw us drinking a lot of alcohol; it was mostly amazing. but again, the time flew by, and as we trundled our way from the train station to our flat on sunday afternoon, after 22 hours flying and a handful of hours of sleep, i wanted to be anywhere but back in london. ok, so the weather in adelaide wasn't great, and melbourne's weather is bipolar at best, but returning to rain, icy winds and wet leaves on the bloody train tracks was just depressing. but, it's home. for now, anyway.
while i was away you might have noticed some babe'n ladies who helped me out by taking over in my place. reading through your comments on those posts, they were all very well-received - which is awesome to see! i just want to say a massive thank you to these four ladies; lynsay, who shared her love of london's hipest burb - shoreditch; amy, who made me salivate on the other side of the world with her vegetable lasagna recipe; the other amy who let us peep inside her make up bag; and most recently, the gorgeous donna who shared her tidy-tights tips! i'm a bit anal about my posting schedule, so i really, really, really appreciate these girls helping me out while i was away, by allowing me to actually have a holiday and forget about blogging for a minute. please do have a read over their posts if you haven't already, and then go and leave them some love. without their help i would have been stressing myself out trying to write instead of actually relaxing and enjoying my holiday, so i am eternally grateful. honestly, the friendships i've made with you lot blow my mind on a daily basis. thank you doesn't really cut the mustard...
and finally, a massive congratulations to sunae of little foal who is the lucky winner of my birthday giveaway with the oriental magpie! she's gone and scored herself £25 to spend her kitschy, retro homewares heart out online at ji ji kiki's sister site. well done lovely! sunae is a long-time friend of the blog, so i am so very happy that she could be the winner this time. thank you to all of you who entered - don't think i wasn't coutning those tweets that came through everyday! it was an overwhelming response, with almost 1230 entries in total, so again - how do i say thank you? you guys are the bees knees. you've all made this year's birth/holi/day one to remember.

thank you all so very much; you bunch of enablers. 

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  1. I'm so glad that you had a great time in Australia! I I'm so glad to be able to say I've been reading Being Erica since it's baby days and I'm so thankful to have won this giveaway! 'm so excited to pick out a prize from The Oriental Magpie. It will be so helpful having that voucher as I attempt to decorate my new house! xx

  2. Ah I'm so glad that you're back! Kudos for picking up those eBay bargains. I totally need that hat in my life, but I'm being so good! *wail* I neeeeed to see pictures when it finally arrives xx

  3. I really enjoyed all the guests posts! Glad to have you back though! x


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