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22 October 2013

read // tina fey :: bossypants

i bought a couple of books that had been hanging out in my amazon wishlist for ages just before i was heading off to aus. of those books, i was most looking forward to reading this one. mostly because tina fey is one funny bitch, and is an amazing comedy writer (enter all the trolls who don't believe women have a place in comedy, and are not 'as funny' as their male counterparts)(wait - what does that even mean?), but also because i had heard that 'mean girls' was loosely based on her life, and was keen to play 'spot the plastics'.

she writes like she's chatting to you over coffee. which - if you've ever read a word i've written, is how i like to write. nothing formal, all casual like. there are so many hilarious off-hand quips that are either scathing or simply brilliant, and i more often than not found myself lol'ing and dog-earring pages so that i could re-read them later on (or force them into my memory to then pull out at a later date as brilliantly-planned come backs).

the book reads more like short stories or anecdotes than what i was expecting, and jumps back and forward from chapter to chapter, to keep you guessing. she references a lot of comedy writers and performers that are maybe just slightly too early for me, which means that some of the stories are slightly lost in translation, but ultimately still really very funny and well written.

after finishing the book in australia, and finding 30 rock on the in-flight entertainment system on the way home, i have a renewed appreciation for this woman. renewed in the way that it was never gone but is now enhanced. if you ever liked mean girls or snl or 30 rock or... things that are funny, then you will like this.

i can almost guarantee that.

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  1. I loved that book so much! I think I've re-read it once every 6 months since it came out. Tina Fey is the best!

    Ladyface Blog

  2. if you aren't on GoodReads website you should be! :) Rate and review~! and share reccomendations~

  3. i mean - i've always wanted to read it but now you've read it and that means i basically have to.


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