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15 October 2013

w.i.w.t. :: prairie charmer (+ a giveaway!)

wig c/o wonderland wigs // heart clip* prairie charms // shoes :: valleygirl // dress* jay jays // cardi :: dotti

so, while in australia i totally did something i didn't think i would do; buy a ton of clothes. i mean, i live in london - what could i buy in australia that i can't buy here? answer: adorable spring clothes and a hell of a lot of winter left overs (more on that later in the week!), all for really cheap! i picked this dress up off a couple of babes i know who work at an aussie store called jay jays. i worked there for a couple of months, a hundred years ago, but when i did the product was mostly baggy tees and gross streetwear stuff. i swear, the stuff in there at the moment is totally adorable, and i was hard pressed to limit my purchase there to only one item. i didn't try it on but figured an aussie 10 (uk12) would be fine. wrong! so, so big. but meh. comfy, and chances of shrinking in the wash are about a zillion to one. so, for $15, it's all good in the hood.

the cardi i picked up in melbourne at a dotti store in one of the dfo's (factory outlet mall). the tag said $49.95, but the sign said $15... i queried, confirmed it was $15, then bought it in two colours; pink and white. there was a green, black, and navy, and i had to restrain myself to only buy the two. i've been dreaming about them ever since - their adorable heart buttons and cutouts - i'm filled with so much regret at not buying all of the colours. (fun fact; i used to work at dotti too.) oh, and those shooooes are too adorable. remember the topshop ones i wanted for my birthday? well, boyfriend truly outdid himself and bought them for me, but sadface, they are too narrow for my goliath feet. so, they went back, and were replaced - while on holiday, by these babies. and for about half the price too, at $25. super comfy and totally versatile. it's love!

now, lets talk about my giant bouffant. the lovely ladies over at wonderland wigs sent me the big toussled hair piece to try out with my many, many hair accessories, but sadly it turned out to be the wrong colour. probably because i'd recently dyed my hair again. not being bothered about sending it back, i thought about ways to wear it so that it wouldn't seem too outrageously different in colour. i reckon i've succeeded, no? i pulled all my hair back into a tiny pony tail, then clipped this giant weave in over it, pinned it down in a zillion places, and whacked my new favourite clip in over the top. et voila! the synthetic hair is still slightly lighter than my own hair, but my hair fades really quickly, so it will probably be perfect soon enough!

so, you like the glitter clip i'm wearing above? well, here's your chance to score one of your own! i wanted to include the above in my birthday giveaway last month, but then thought... no. so instead, here we are! all you gotta do this time is head over to prairie charms and then leave me a comment telling me which is your favourite piece and how you would style it. simples! the giveaway will run til the end of the month, and the winner will be contacted by email, so make sure you leave a way for me to contact you. oh, and as always - totally open internationally [now closed].

good luck kids!

*ps - i'm linking up with rachel and co in the passion for fashion blog hop*

// congratulations to misswestendgirl who is the lucky winner! //

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  1. I really love the Victoria retro headband! I think my favorite way to style it would be putting my hair up in a high messy bun and then just tying the headband on with the ends showing up on top of my head! It seems like a really simple and cute look you could throw together quite easily! Thanks for this giveaway opportunity,everything is so gosh darn cute!

  2. I love your cardi, it's super cute! And your hair piece <3
    Just been over to the prairie charms site and fluer headband(it's adorable) and i'd probably try and style it with some pastel green's and white :) x

  3. I love the bows with a french twish or a side bun with the heart :)

  4. I really love their crowns especially the white one "Suri Crown". I would style that with a dress :)
    Chamomile Dealer

  5. Thanks for thinking of me pet - I especially like the sparkly stars, I'd have 2 burnt copper ones placed above a little twisty bun on either side at the back of my head - so autumnal! I love burnt orange the most. I'm reachable at lauracaroline123@hotmail.com. xx missveryemergency xx

  6. Hi Erica :-) Love that outfit; esp.the super cute cardigan! My favourite Prairie Charms item is the Harper Glitter Bows in kaleidoscope. I would wear two - one on each of my mini high buns/mouse ears! Super sparklicious. Thank you for thinking of me lady,

  7. I like the Effie glitter bow! I wear a lot of bows in my hair but I don't have a glitter one! And I think your entire outfit is adorable!

  8. I absolutely love everything about your outfit!! So cute!! I love hearts and glitter! So I am loving the glitter heart clips. ♥ Thanks for the giveaway!


  9. ooh you really suit your hair like that! And the glitter heart clip is just the cherry on top! I must say my top pick would also be a Maddy clip - I'd wear it with bouncy waves (maybe on a Valentine's date night!) for a sweet pin-up look. Or maybe clipped to a lapel!
    Awesome giveaway toots x

  10. Which is my favourite? A ha ha ha, as if you need to ask...hearts all the way! Australia's totally mixed up seasons ;-) actually worked in your favour, major score! Babe'in as always xx

  11. LOOK AT YOUR WEE FACE. Number one quest for your visit in December: some style tips and advice, please. No one rocks a cardi like you do. Love the hair and that clip is gorge. xxx

  12. This outfit is sooooo super sweet!! Love those shoes!
    Thank you for linking up for Passion For Fashion! Pinning this look! ♥

  13. http://prairiecharms.storenvy.com/products/2794560-gia-bow I love this bow, it's really cute.


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