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7 October 2013

the a to z of me :: w

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w is for weddings

how apt, considering that that's why i'm away at the moment, and will probably still be attending while you read this (i think that's how the time zones work?). as you know, i'm in australia with boyfriend. we came here specifically to attend the wedding of one of my favourite humans around, and then we decided to make a whole bloody holiday out if it! weddddiiiiiiingsss....

this year has been the year of the wedding; this one was number three, in as many months that i've attended. first it was kim's back at the start of august, then liz's at the end. steph's rounds the trilogy off quite nicely i think - and this time, it's at home. not in the english countryside, not at the english seaside. in the south australian northern suburbs that i grew up in. it's kinda doubled as my homecoming. this is the first time i've been home in almost three years, and i gotta say, if it weren't for this wedding, i don't know that i would be home at all.
source we heart it
what is it about weddings that brings people together? i mean, i doubt i'd be jumping on a plane for 26 hours for a simple dinner party at their house, so what is it about the nuptials that makes you see things differently, and so sappily (not a word)? both weddings this year have made me weepy - no doubt this one will have too (writing this prior to the wedding. it's a safe bet though), but... why? i know they love each other, i've seen them kiss before too. is it the honesty in the commitment? is it the big white dress? the party? i can't put my finger on it.

growing up, i never fantasized about a big wedding. i don't have scrap books pinterest boards dedicated to the ideal wedding. i've no desire to 'be married'. i mean, when i was a kid i reckon i wanted to 'be married', 'have a house', 'have a family', and all that jazz... but i never concerned myself with the details. now, as a 'twenty-something', with no husband, no house, and no children to speak of, i realise this is not how i imagined my life all those years ago. but, i live in london; the greatest city in the world. with a pretty good guy (let's not get carried away), in a pretty nice flat, with hot water and a lot of thrifted furniture. ok, so it's not what i had in mind, but i'm perfectly happy.
source we heart it
boyfriend and i are coming up to three years, and i still have no desire to marry him. i love him, and he loves me. i don't know what a wedding will do other than set me back a few quid when i throw the cheapest party around. let's be honest; weddings are stressful, and i don't want the pressure. so, next time you see me, don't ask "when are you two getting married?" because you'll just be embarrassed when i reply with "probably never!" and laugh in your face.

(reading this back, it seems kinda negative. it should be noted that i do love weddings; i think they're fantastic! i just don't want one, no thank you. to me, weddings are like skinny jeans; they look great on other people, but they're just not my style)(for now)(until i look at rocknrollbride.com then change my mind one hundred times)
erica x

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  1. I always thought I wouldn't want to get married and now when we're getting super close to our 5th year together I'm ready for marriage and I want a small but picturesque wedding :)

    -Trina ♥

  2. I feel totally the same. My boyfriend and i have been together for 10 years and we're totally happy. I feel like a wedding doesn't really change anything, apart from the balance in your bank account!! [or your parents!]
    Each to their own i say!
    The only awkwardness i've encountered is when my grandparents ask about us getting married. They don't understand when we say it's not for us...it doesn't make it any easier that my sister got engaged after an 8 month relationship!! Cue the jokes from my grandad!


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