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29 October 2013

the one where i talk at length about handbags...

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the concept of the handbag as an accessory is a funny old thing, isn't it? i mean, in it's earliest form, the bag was derived out of basic necessity; it allowed the hunters and gatherers to get their food home, it meant easy transportation of belongings for the nomads, and - before pockets were included in everyday wear, it allowed local merchants to keep their takings safely during the day's trade.

how boring!

nowadays, the basic premise of the handbag has not changed. it carries your crap from a to b, except now, it's super important that your necessary acessory is also kinda cute. but whhhhy!? how has the hand bag become the ultimate accessory? no really, someone tell me, because at last count my collection was over 27 different bags, and i mean... how many can i use at any given time? i probably have more than one bag in each colour on the spectrum, not to mention a tote and shoulder bag version of each colour. why? because, you never know how you're going to feel about straps on any given day? because one is fucshia and the other is clearly magenta? no. because i want other people to like me based purely on my clothing choices.

this is where that age old misconception that women dress to impress men is obvious. of those seven bags (lovingly picked from new look with purpose) above, the only difference boyfriend could note was the colour. "the colour!" i exclaimed in annoyance, "but some are totes! others are satchels! and what of the bowlers!". nothing. not a thing. he stared blankly at the screen and managed to add "that grey one has studs too".

no, us girls dress to impress each other. we add new, shiny toys to our collections to make other girls like us more, think that we're cute and adorable, or sassy and stylish, and - based on nothing that what we can see, we decide in a moment if we think that person is worth our time. it's just sooo shallow. but, i am guilty as charged. i flaunt new bags or shoes or dresses like a peacock on heat. "oooh, look at my new dress! doesn't it make you like me more?" i ask through a stupid pose and an awkward smile.

and i guess, if you're reading this, then the answer is... yes?
this, of course, is not to say that we don't allow a certain level of substance in our accessory-picking; "will it hold all of my crap?" (and "do i need to carry all of this crap?") would naturally be one of the main concerns i'd consider when choosing my bag for the day.. right after "how many people (girls) will think i looks totes adorbs wearing this?" and my god, do i wish i was kidding.

am i alone?

*written in collaboration with brand*

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