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10 October 2013

guest post // polka dot pink :: a tidy tip for tip-top tights

~while i'm off on my well-earned holidays, i'm handing the reigns over to some of my faaaavourite bloggers. today, please welcome the last of my guest bloggers, the quirky lass donna that is polkadot pink...!

Today, I'm taking over Erica's space to share my handy space saving, penny busting trick of keeping tights stored in tip top condition. Hi, my name is Donna and I'm addicted to pretty dresses teamed with cute tights. I blog over at Polkadot Pink where you can find me prancing around in said dresses.

I love tights. Who doesn't? They can brighten any outfit, hide a multitude of leg sins and make any outfit unique. Of course, let's not forget, they can keep you warm! They are my impulse buy of choice, I probably own over thirty pairs. Thirty pairs that I used to shove in a tote bag. .

I'm not kidding. I used to store my tights in two large tote bags. One for black tights, one for colours. Simple? No. There's only so many times I can be late for work because I couldn't find the perfect shade of plum tights, or because I became that frantic I plucked them in my rifling haste. Or, there's those tights that just plain elude me when I need them most.

So, why shove them in a bag? My wardrobe is over 20 years old. It's not vintage, it's just old fashioned. Whilst it may exude mock shabby chic, to me it's shabby and incredibly impracticable. It's built for hanging (an incredibly small selection of) clothes and stacking shoe boxes, which is how I hit on my storage idea. Any storage solution has to be useful and cheap, in equal measures.
What will you need to keep your tights safely stored and easy to spy? A pack of sandwich bags and an old shoe box. That's it. Seriously. When I've washed and dried my tights, I simply roll them up, pop them in a sandwich bag and place them in the shoe box. Now, the obsessive side of my nature has organized them into colour families. So, my burgundy/plum tones sit in a box with their lid on, my patterned tights live together as do my blues and greens. Easy!
This might sound obsessive, but I have ambition to paint chevrons and polka dots onto each of the box fronts. It's ever since I saw this tutorial on everybody's favourite, a beautiful mess. It's for hat boxes, however it inspired me and I think it'd be easy to change for shoe boxes. Imagine how pretty that would be sat on the wardrobe shelves?

Will you be trying my cheap solution for storing tights?
Come stop by at Polkadot Pink, I'd love to see you there! 

thank you so much donna! what a great idea! i'll definitely be giving this one a go. will you? make sure you check out donna's blog for more top tips for storage, ebay buying and how to be a massive babe.
please don't forget to enter my birthday giveaway with thanks to the oriental magpie too! 

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  1. Omg this is genius! I don't wear dresses anymore so don't really need tights, but if i did...i would be all over this life hack! Perfect :) x

  2. I am terrible at taking care of my tights! I always lose them and rip them; it's terrible. I'll definitely have to start doing this! :)


  3. Such a good idea, Donna! I am slowly strting to amazz a huge collection of tights that need a more permanent home than just thrown in with my knickers hahaxx


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