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18 October 2013

friday favourites

i am so tiiiiired you guys. whinge, whinge, whinge. since we landed on sunday, i've had a shit ton of sleep, reckon i'm all caught up, but i'm still just so gosh darn wasted. it's been a busy week too! well, with the exception of monday in which we did nothing but catch up on all the telly we'd recorded while we were away, but the rest of the days... well, ok, not all of the days, but... leave me alone.

i saw these 19 ridiculous travel gripes on facebook during the week and just couldn't not share them with you. i mean, really? and if we're talking stupid and idiotic things to say, then... is... she serious? this week facebook has kept me quite entertained; this article about good old banksy got quite a few shares back on monday. what a lad.
i hate referencing abm here cos... i'm ashamed to be alive with them in the world (heavy), but when i saw natasha of candy pop sharing her home tour with them, well... see for yourselves. her home is the perfect blend of vintage kitch and modern practcality, and i am ready to simply move in. please?
can we talk about how terrible the mid-year sales are for my bank account? like this awesome frenchie jumper i snagged on sale at new look with these awesome shoes - and what about this sofa from very (what? i need a fricken sofa). it's half price. like, why was it even full price in the first place. and, well... yeah, let's not even talk about the cath kidston email we all got during the week. god damn it cath - 30%? is that all you're going to give me? well fine. i will have these bowls please; one in every colour. what's that? they're already sold out? well jeeeez, get out of my life.

this week around the bloggersphere becca's making mulled apple cider, the how-to-hair-girl is effing shit up, ashley's eating chicken tortilla soup (and so too shall i be this weekend, thank you very much ashley!), maria asked about your first books, and donna is packing (again) for berlin (again). plus, kate's moving house, and i want to move in with her too! that apartment is going to be pastel perfection, and if her pinspiration is anything to go by, i can't wait to see what she comes up with.

what's been your fave post this week? happy weekend guys!

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  1. Thanks for the link to the chicken tortilla soup. It looks delicious!

    Georgia x

  2. Those travel comments are so cringey, it's shameful that people come out with such rubbish.
    I love Natasha's house, I've always wanted a smeg fridge because I think smeg is such a brilliant word ha. x

  3. Good God, my home feels ashamed to even exist after seeing that! xx

  4. What gorgeous photos, thanks for the amazing design ideas xx

  5. oh gosh, that clock! so cute! that home on abm was perfect!

    lindsey louise


  6. WOW, that girl in the video on facebook, WOOOOOOOOOOOW


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