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1 March 2014

frock swap // introduction :: gifted and thrifted

i'm sure you've heard of the american blog flock together? if you haven't here's the low down; a bunch of personal style bloggers swap items from their wardrobes with each other and then restyle them, giving life to an outfit they'd forgotten about or struggled to style. the blog is a favourite of mine, especially with some of the more eclectic girls styling up some of the more traditional girls' pieces. 

it'd be pretty interesting to see your wardrobe through someone else's eyes don't you think? i do, and it's got a bunch of us brit bloggers thinking... now we know that 'shop my closet' and 'swap shop' events aren't new either, but i can't think of a bunch of brit bloggers who do it regularly, can you? well, that's about to change! 

rachel of rachel the hat, donna of polkadot pink, debbie of duck and duffel and myself have decided to create our own version; we're calling it frock swap, and we're hoping to make the feature a regular one on each of our blogs. the idea is that we'll swap items from our closets that we're stuggling to remix, and see how the other girls would naturally style it. i think it's going to be fun... mostly because i've had the same style for years, so a bit of a change will be as good as a holiday...!

bag :: gift // shirt :: thrifted (saville row) // jacket :: h&m // skirt :: cotton on // boots + necklace :: primark

this shirt; do you ever have that one thing in your wardrobe that is so just not 'you', and you don't know how on earth to style it? this shirt. i thrifted it a couple of years ago when i was dead in the middle of my buy-all-the-collared-shirts phase, and - come on, it's saville row! plus, the adorable magenta gingham was a total selling point, so i snapped it up and... with the exception of last saturday, it's sat, unworn for years.

not for much longer! this snazzy number is currently winging it's way to rachel's hot little hands, to see if she can inspire me to up my shirt game. i can't wait to see what she does with it...

what do you think of the frock swap idea?

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  1. Brilliant idea! Looking forward to seeing how different your styles are, also how gorgeous is your new blog design?! So pretty! xx

  2. I think it's a great idea! I look forward to reading more! x

  3. This is such a good idea! Loving that necklace too! x

  4. Awesome idea.
    I think if anyone looked in my wardrobe they would scream in horror.


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