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29 April 2014

frock swap | zebra crossing

leather jacket : just jeans | jumper : donna's c/o george | skirt : new look | shoes : primark

over the weekend a few stars aligned, and this outfit was the result. it turned up on my desk on friday thanks to debs, and when i needed something comfy to wear to hell (bra shopping) on saturday, this was what i grabbed at first. i freaken love the bright coral of the knit against the quirky monochrome face, and the outfit - rounded out with polka dot flats and my flipper skater skirt, totally reminded me of something.

...but wasn't sure what.

and then, as i was catching up on some blog reading on sunday, i came across the most amazing website thanks to the babe lena from 'lena b, actually'; what would zooey deschanel wear. i am one thousand percent certain that zooey d, or jessica day, or any other persona that gorgeous woman embodies would rock this particular outfit. the bright colour of the knit and the quirky touches in the print and the shoes are definite signs of zooey-wear, so in hindsight, i'm pretty bloody pleased with the way this outfit turned out.

and here's how donna and debbie both wore the jumper...

what say you? can you see miss deschanel in the zebra print knit?
(hey guys! it's on sale now too; £6! what a bloody bargain!)

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  1. You look so bloomin' edgy in it! It's made for you, consider it yours xx

  2. trade you for that dress eh??

    Erica Vonderwall
    blogger | @imbeingerica | www.imbeingerica.com

    Subject: Re: New comment posted on being erica | london life and style blog: frock swap | zebra crossing

  3. That website is the actual best thing in the internet. Thank you!

  4. Definitely. You got urself a deal! xx

  5. Adorable! very Miss Deschanel. I LOVE your hair sooo much xx

  6. Love this outfit, that jumper is the best colour!

    Maria xxx

  7. I LOVE this sweater and was so excited when I saw it in the sale! So I ran up to it and grabbed it...and it was 3 sizes too big :( Grrr! *shakes fist*


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