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3 April 2014

w.i.w.t | i missed my (french) connection

dress c/o french connection | everything else : primark

this peachy little number is my 'target dress'; you know on the biggest loser the contestants take in the item of clothing they want to be able to wear but haven't worn since they gained the weight? yes, well, this is now mine. i've always had a problem buying off the rack - busty and hippy as they come - but french connection is one of those brands that's pretty much as true to size as you can go, so when this gorgeous thing fell through the post last week i was keen to see how the size 12 would fit. 

the whole garment is pure cotton - even the lining, with no bloody give in it so i couldn't even cheat getting it on (i do love a slinky lining!). but you know what? i hardly needed the help. the zip went smoothly up my lower back, over my hips and up to my bra strap before -- nope. these damn boobs of mine 

*shakes fist at sky!*

so, I'm going to give the herbalife a few more weeks and (maybe) invest in a new bra to hold my new, smaller tatas back, and then this dress is going to be my spring go-to frock because the peach and grey combo is killing it in my eyes, and i can't wait to get into it.

soooooo pretty, please fit me now please.

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  1. Love the dress. I have a pile of clothes which need to be altered, rather than a target exactly. I wish I could just get around to being inspired to doing them as I would be able to wear some of the items I used to love.

  2. This outfit is wonderful, I love it x

  3. Gorgeous dress! Good luck with your slimming. I'm slimming myself and having a pretty target dress is great motivation :) x

  4. especially one as pretty as this! <3

  5. aw yay, thanks lovely! x

  6. tell me about it... I bought a sewing machine almost 2 years ago that I just... have never used!


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