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30 April 2014

mundane munday

you might remember this feature from a couple of months ago (back when i was blissfully happy, mind), when charlotte from charlotte's web dared us all to share the most mundane of days on what is (mostly) our happy place; our blogs. well, back then, it was pretty well received - people love a good nosy into how the other half live, and so with that in mind, let me share with you the mundane happenings of my week so far...

oh, monday. moanday. mundane munday. after the technically-short-but-still-pretty-long week after the easter break, and epic girls weekend i'd spent with carmen and co, i was shattered. even after a delicious chinese and early night (and decent sleep), i woke up half a woman. my eyes were puffy like i'd been crying in the night (not something i recall doing), my skin pale and my face drawn. even a steaming hot shower and hair washing couldn't sort me out, so i plastered on some make up and my biggest sunnies, and headed to work - certain that as soon as my dreamy bean (english toffee, thanks for asking) coffee hit my blood stream i'd be right as rain. well, mere minutes after arriving at my desk (after a packed bloody train ride in where i unhappily leant against a pole for twenty minutes), disaster struck.

cafetiere in hand, i leant down to grab out my delicious coffee beans from my drawer when i heard the most annoying sound; *crrraaaaaack* - i'd somehow been distracted (not hard on a normal monday) by something probably really trivial, moved my body in an strange way, and bloody well smashed my cafetiere to smithereens. i held back actual tears. i could smell the beans taunting me from the bag, with no way to brew them for the drinking. tragedy! i considered retreating home under the guise of illness - i mean, i wasn't 'well' by any means, and this had my nerves on edge, preparing for a day of the company-wide instant coffee, or - at a stretch, springing for an awful greggs blend. it wasn't yet 9am and i was on the verge of losing my shit.

around lunch time there was a marked improvement in my appearance; the indented pillow creases had worked themselves out, my puffy eyebags had started to wake up, and my sallow complexion was starting to look more even (thank you rimmel). also, a fellow colleague with a similar coffee admiration had leant me their cafetiere for the day (while they were on the greggs blend... by choice)(some people), which i was undeniable grateful for, as you can imagine. but then, as i was checking my emails, i noticed one that had come through via craigslist's auto messaging service. confused, i read on. turns out i'd listed some of my brand new furniture there shortly after the break up, hoping to get it sold asap (errr... this was a month ago) - someone wanted to buy it! today! as soon as possible!

stuck at work for a hundred hours more, i emailed this chap back and forward until it seemed i was about to lose the chance to sell the stuff if i couldn't get there by 4pm. well. what is it that exes tell you for a few months or so after you break up (if they're nice guys, like mine sometimes are anyway); that they'll always be there for you, and help you with anything if you need it? well, a few (hundred) calls and texts to ex-boyfriend later, and the deal was done. he still had the keys to the flat, and nothing better to do, so with the promise to compensate for travel, he was going to make this deal for me. huzzah!

except... some people are shit and don't time manage well, and the guy who was supposed to be there at 4, didn't arrive until almost 5, by which time i was almost home because i'd left work early, and could have done the deal myself (and saved a tenner in paying ex-boyfriend to travel). but regardless, ex-boyfriend was helpful with the carrying of the heavy boxes - and later when i had to go to tesco and get some heavy groceries (and new cafetiere, duh), was helpful in the carrying back (and weirdly, putting away) of those too - something i continue to loathe doing to this day. and, as an added bonus, i am four dining chairs lighter and four weeks closer to moving out of my lovely little flat forever.... with still a shit ton more furniture to sell before then, i hope his helpfulness continues in this vein.

then, after a few episodes of house (my new current distraction), thankfully there was another early night on the cards which saw tuesday start in a much happier way than it's predecessor. monday was not this week's favourite day. tuesday has hope. how has your week been so far?

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  1. I am not allowed to use our cafetiere as we are now on our 5th due to my clumsy smash fulness. Hope your week has been improving, I'm sure you're looking fabulous in pink today, amiright?

  2. duh.

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  3. Hope your week has gotten better doll xx

  4. That sounds like the suckiest of days but I hope it all comes together soon. I'm sure even with the biggest hangover related face aches you still look like an absolute babe!!x


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