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1 April 2014

frock swap | kimono krazy

kimono : debbie's c/o george| skirt + shoes : new look | belt : primark

when i heard that debbie had chosen a floral kimono when george at asda kindly offered to help us out with our frock swap, i was preeeeetty sure i was going to look like an idiot. i don't do trousers; haven't worn jeans in years. the only bottoms i own that aren't leggings or tights (neither of which are legit legwear without a dress or skirt, ladies), are my array of pj pants that i instantly change into as soon as i enter the house. so what on earth was i going to wear with a fricken kimono?

and, as if it wasn't bright enough, i also don't own a lot of black. i tried pairing it with a simple black lace dress, but the fringing detail got lost against the lace. it needed something bright to allow the details to pop out and have their day in the sun (seriously, so sunny!). after rummaging through almost every item of clothing in my wardrobe (long!), i stumbled across this new look number from last summer. bright coral, but the perfect compliment to the orange and mango colouring of the kimono. call me cray, but i think it works. 

i mean, it's definitely cray, but i kinda like it. the japanese vibe was carried throughout the outfit with the sumo bun and platform sandals, and... yes, i got a loooot of weird looks from passers by while i was shooting, but hell. if you can't be the center of attention in your own (shared) backyard, where can you?

and here's how the woman herself styled it - aint she a yummy mummy!

who wore it better? JOKES. obviously she did, but how badly did i do on a 1-10 scale?

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  1. Oh, I like it - I'm like you in that I don't wear trousers or anything either, so I'd be a little stuck with this, too.

  2. I love how you wore it doll!! It's so cute!! I have one pair of jeans & one pair of leggings, both of which I wear when I am house cleaning or playing outside with my girls as I don't really see them as proper clothes, haha. Well, for me any ways. I only wear skirts and dresses. I sometimes where the jeans in a 50's sort of style with a strappy top when I go out, but otherwise, they don't get worn much. And the leggings must be worn with a dress or shirt that is like a dress because we all know they are a bit see through, haha. I always seem to find the ladies that wear them as trousers & they have no clue how see through they are, it's really bad!! Love this kimono :) xx

  3. Lianne Whitelaw1 April 2014 at 18:35

    I think you look fab, love how you've styled it. Looks great and love the belt. Frock swap is such a fun idea too. Lianne x

  4. I like how you've styled it. I wouldn't have known how to style a kimono with a dress but you've proved it's possible so I feel brave enough to take the plunge and actually get one! My wardrobe is mainly dresses too :) x

  5. Maisie Gibbons5 April 2014 at 17:26

    You've styled this so beautifully <3
    Such beautiful colours x

  6. I agree the colours are sensational! <3

  7. glad i'm not the only one! <3

  8. aw glad you're liking the posts! X

  9. I knooooow, it's sooooo awkward! X

  10. take a leaf outta mine and dare to be different char! x


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